One U.S. Airport Will Now Let You Fly With Marijuana

Marijuana may be legal in Colorado but don’t expect to fly with it. Last year I wrote,

Free Pot for Airport Employees? Colorado Springs airport adds amnesty boxes for pot. The logic question I haven’t seen answered is, what happens to the pot once you give it to the airport? In related news, airport snack vendors have seen a spike in business.

Remember that pot isn’t legal under federal law. You have to clear a federal checkpoint to fly commercial.

And remember that smelling of pot could be reason to confiscate all your savings (if you happen to be carrying it on you when a fed’s nose is working).

Nonetheless you can apparently fly with pot now as long as it’s an intra-state flight within Oregon departing from Portland.

  • The feds will still call the cops on you if they find marijuana
  • But the police aren’t feds.

    Airport officials said if a TSA agent finds pot on you, they will notify Port Police. Port Police will check to see if you’re over the legal limit, check your age and look at your boarding pass to make sure you aren’t flying out of the state.

    If everything checks out, they’ll let you go on so you can make your flight.

I still wouldn’t recommend it.

  1. You can’t smoke in the airport or onboard anyway.
  2. This policy doesn’t preclude any DEA at the airport from acting. Sure, they usually won’t. Until they do.

Nonetheless, there’s a certain amount of irony that the War on Drugs appears to be reaching a detente but the War on Water continues apace.

What if you happen to forget that, say, Seattle is out of state and you show up at the checkpoint with an ounce of marijuana?

PDX points out TSA agents aren’t focused on actively snooping out marijuana, but if you’re flying out of Oregon and are caught with the legal amount of pot, you will be asked to leave the checkpoint and find a way to get rid of your pot before getting back in line.

It really makes you miss that American Airlines flew intra-Oregon.

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  1. Just sent an email to the airport director in Spokane (GEG) asking about whether policy will be changing for intra-Washington state flights (e.g., to Seattle).

  2. Seems like we’re on the same cusp with marijuana that we were with same sex marriage a few years ago. The states and people are far out ahead of DC.

  3. Spokane International Airport’s stated policy (per the CEO of the airport authority) on intra-Washington flights (e.g., to Seattle):

    “Our policy allows marijuana to be carried on intra-state flights. The same rules apply that you have to be at least 21 years old, have an ounce or less in a container that verifies it was purchased at a state sanctioned outlet.”

    It’s apparently not a new policy.

  4. not that I have any plans to do so, but…since it’s also legal in Washington, shouldn’t a Portland-Seattle flight be fine to carry it on? You would think.

  5. In other airport security news, Penn and Teller are selling small metal copies of the Bill of Rights designed to set off an alarm when carried through airport security.

    Theses are being sold in the lobby of the new P & T show on Broadway, but I imagine there may be a link soon on VFTW.

  6. Nonetheless you can apparently fly with pot now as long as it’s an intra-state flight within Oregon departing from Portland”
    I do not agree

    – Diann

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