Only in New York (Since it’s Illegal to Just Start a Taxi for People)

Since the number of cabs is strictly limited, no new licenses to operate one are granted, if you want to drive you can either become a licensed black car or…

I doubt very many of their customers, though, can successfully flag this cab down, or dial them to pre-arrange a ride.

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  1. Only a human passenger in the car, simple to “explain” they just dropped their pet off at the vet.

  2. Use it as a regular taxi but on the pet’s behalf. ie you are running errands for your pet, or going on a date to give your pet some space.

  3. I was curious and just googled this. Apparently it is mainly for ferrying dogs to and from doggy day care.

  4. Do they charge extra for “spills”? My dog gets carsick if he’s in the ride for more than 5 minutes.

  5. Yes, I need a cab for my best friend Harvey – he’s a rabbit… and I’ll be coming along, too!

  6. Haha is this strange?? 🙂 Having lived in NY & Boston for the past 6 years, I’m accustomed to seeing pet-cabs everywhere. These will take your dog to its daycare/grooming/massage appt./psychotherapist. 😉 It sometimes makes sense for people without cars who have to schlep their pit bull (or some other non-mass transit friendly pet) somewhere far. If one had a reward program I’d be all over it!

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