Only Two Weeks Left for Some of the Best Credit Card Signup Bonuses Ever

Just a friendly reminder that the 75,000 mile and 100,000 mile signup bonus offers for Citibank American Airlines credit cards are set to go away October 31. So you’ve only got a couple of weeks left to sign up.

Especially if you haven’t yet had these cards, this is the change of a lifetime. I’ve had many, many myself and am not likely in a position for more. But if you have never had a personal Citibank American Airlines credit card, this one is a no brainer. And even for some folks that have had them in the past and do not currently, there are approvals out there it’s just not guaranteed.

And don’t forget that there are small business versions of the card that folks are getting, most with little pushback. Occasionally Citi will want verification of business details, or minimum business income. But for the vast majority of reports, Your Name & Associates will do and use your social security number as the tax ID number.

Many have gotten both personal and business versions of the card until these bonuses. That’s 150,000 – 200,000 bonus miles with no fee the first year. And if two spouses each get ’em there’s 300,000 – 400,000 ‘free’ miles for committing to a modest spend on the card over the next six months or a year.

That’s just a compelling, compelling offer.

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  1. “if two spouses each get ‘em there’s 300,000 – 400,000 ‘free’ miles.”
    Best argument I’ve ever heard for getting a spouse.

  2. I had read earlier this was a “target offer”.
    Is this still true or has anyone received the 75-100k using someone else’s link from their targeted e-mail??

  3. I’ve read some placse that folks who app’ed and were approved for a Citi AAdvantage Visa (biz or personal? for 75K mile promo) then weeks later also app’ed for Citi Amex AAdvantage card were told they would not be eligible for the additional 75K miles CUZ they’ve already had a Citi AAdvatange card! Any similar experiences?

  4. Amazing offers in the past year! Wife and I received both the personal and business cards, total of 150K each. Wonder when and if these offers will stop.

  5. I was reluctant to apply for the 75K AA cards as I’m still smarting from being denied all 3 AA cards in Oct 2009. I’ve been churning for years, sucessfully, and the denial was a shock. So I jumped on the BA 100K Visa. But this offer was too good to pass up, plus enough people at the Chicago Do suggested I give the 75K Business Visa a try even though I’ve had the card in the past. Approved! for 75K business Visa. FICO is 769 +/- so I knew it wasn’t my credit. Thanks Gary. Now, do I apply for one of the personal cards or hold off until I see what the Frugal Guy’s new card is…decisions, decisions.

  6. I haven’t flown AA in years (DL PM), but I signed up for the 75K and 100K offers. Just too good to pass up! Plus I got another 40K miles for a checking/savings account. So 215K miles for almost zero cost…amazing.

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