Outgoing American Airlines CEO Doug Parker Finally Made To Feel Like His Customers [Roundup]

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  1. Goodbye,
    American lost my business 3 years ago I have been very happy with other airlines who get you to your location on time.
    Maybe the new guy can send the employees to school on how to be nice and not leave people hanging with no info about their delayed flight.

  2. Surely for Parker to feel like AA Customers, AA would have to wait whilst CEO’s who bought pool cleaning supplies on line get preferred service?

  3. Parker should just leave so American Airlines can return to the great airline it was before Parkers arrival.

  4. Make sure no one tells Dougie that alcohol makes the delays much more palatable . . . he doesn’t need another DUI.

  5. BINGO. Rolling delays. The epitome of not caring about your customers and the epitome of how American operates with total disregard for their customers time on a daily basis. Delays are part of travel, but not being open, upfront and honest about known delays so we can be productive in an Admiral’s Club/at home/wherever instead of at a cramped, crowded gate with rolling 15-minute delay postings is disrespectful to your customers and a complete waste of our time.

  6. Any management that supported those rolling delays should have been let go years ago. I was on a flight last year and the captain said the delay would be at least 2 hours, and we deplaned. But did AA push back the departure 2 hours? Of course not!! Instead it got pushed back 10 minutes at a time. ETD 10am….then 10:10am…….then 10:20am. Etc. Passengers were calling reservations to get their connection rebooked but the Res agents were telling the passengers there was no need to rebook as their original flight was leaving in 10 minutes. And in actuality it didn’t leave for 3 hours. And this has been going on for years since the merger. I pray the new CEO has a better vision

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