Overriding Your Hotel Room’s Thermostat Settings

Points, Miles, and Martinis describes how to override the settings of thermostats in many hotel rooms.

INNCOM thermostats are quite common, and the blog has tested the technique at both Hilton and Hyatt properties successfully.

You can make these thermostats go lower than their usual settings, and turn off motion sensors that turn off the air conditioning when you’re not in the room.

While holding down “display”
Press “off”
Then Press “Up” arrow
Release “display” button

You’ll know it worked when … it says VIP!

Good tip for those who like their hotel rooms cold..!

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  1. You walk into your room, it’s chilly on a cold spring day. You decide to make sure the heat is on and read the thermostat. It says the room is 80 degrees!!! You know it’s closer to 60 degrees. The thermostat also says it will only permit you to set it for a maximum of 81 degrees. What do you do? For a low tech solution, maybe you wrap ice in a towel and lay it on top of the thermostat? When I warm up, I’ll take the ice off and see if it’s an Inncomm brand.

  2. Who would want there hotel room cold on times of winter? but it could also regulate humid temperature just right for those who sleep on cold weather nights.

  3. Just tried it in Baton Rouge at the Rennissance Hotel on Bluebonnet and man did I need this. Working great so far

  4. I have been complaining for two weeks while on extended training in Dallas. This works like a charm. It is more of a sequence of exactly what he said:

    1. Hold display and press off and then release off (keep display depressed)
    2. Press up.
    3. Release the display button.

  5. I was doing it wrong at first but Matt is correct….

    1. Hold display and press off and then release off (keep display depressed)
    2. Press up and release (keep display depressed)
    3. The release the display button.

    I kept getting “Dom” or “Drt” but when I did the above sequence it said VIP.

  6. Ha Ha Ha, I feel smarter than the Schmucks at the Atlantis Hotel in the Bahamas who gave me a stupid excuse. I told the guy I was going to the internet for the info and if that didn’t work he might find it in pieces on the floor the next morning.

    Thank You!!!!!!

  7. Yes! This is great, first night sucked til I found this little gem of a tip. Worked like a dream at La Quinta in Raleigh,NC.

  8. Thank you!!!!!! Thank you!!!! Oh, and Thank You!!! This saves a huge headache- no pun intended…
    This makes a HUGE difference for people like me that need the room colder than most. Thank You!

  9. Awesome!!!! I like my room freezing and this code did it…I’m currently @ Ocean City, MD. I think these censor therms are BS!! We are paying a crap load of money to stay here and I have to sweat my rear off?? Well not anymore. Thanks so much. I feel a diff already 10 min after entering the code. Ha ha ha ha Holiday inn, beat ya.

    Arkansas Dave

  10. At a Mariott and had to put up with the room getting warm last night… who moves that much when they sleep to trip the sensor? I’m also used to having a fan running and miss the ability to have it on regardless of whether the unit is heating or cooling.

    Just tried the code, we]ll see if it works!

  11. Seems this procedure now returns the code “LEn” not “VIP.” What gives. Are the hotels and Inncom using electronic counter counter measures?!

  12. Works like a charm at Embassy Suites! It only allows me to lower it to 60 degrees though 😛

    I was seriously considering sleeping in my car tonight and checking into someplace else tomorrow.

    THANKS for the info!

  13. I am incredibly shocked is just worked! I am in a holiday inn and found that you have to do this sequence quickly to get it to work. More accurately:

    1. Press and hold Display
    2. Press Off
    3. Press Up
    4. Release Display

  14. At my work the “thermostat” is just a box, no buttons or display. But we put hot lamp bulb next to it, and it triggers the A/C, and runs nonstop until we move the light away.

  15. OMG it worked at Marriott, was stuck at 68 (yeah right, felt like 80) did what Matt said and now we are chillin’ big time!

  16. Is there a way to change the range when the A/C activates.
    Its not very quiet the A/C and every time I fell asleep it starts again.
    Instead of starting when the temperature drops 1 degree to start when the temperature drops 5 degrees

  17. I get LEN instead of VIP, and two dots after”AUTO”, but seems to be staying on and letting me set temp lower than it would before. 2014-04-27

  18. Works great. If you want to reset before checkout, depress all three buttons simultaneously for about two seconds:


    The display on the thermostat will reboot after displaying several different displays.

  19. I’ve got one for you…
    Staying at a hotel in San Juan with an Inncom thermostat. When I sequence, it responds with ES1. Searching online says it is locked out and needs “an ES1 key.” Anyone have any experience with this?
    I tried the front desk, requesting they allow me to lower the temp, but they refused, saying it’s hotel policy. Blah.

  20. Works like a charm… the Marriott I was in today, have the Thermostat right under the vent… so it thinks the room is much colder than it really is.

    The trick is to follow the sequence above, but quite quickly. I kept getting “drt” instead of “VIP” but it turned out I was following the sequence too slowly.

  21. This worked for me at the US Grant Hotel. 65 degree setting felt more like 75. Did the button sequence and now I’m nice and chill

  22. pls help I can’t sleep with this Honeywell a.c monitor gadget stuck at 23 F, I need the room to get cooler. It’s a Honeywell LCD with fanspeed, power and mode on the left side and up and down buttoms on the right. Pls help I would be very grateful.

  23. I’m in a Fairmont hotel – think the room’s been recently refurbed. The air con unit is a Trane – just 3 buttons – Up, Down and Fan.
    Anyone know how to override it? Can’t get it to set below 20 degrees.

  24. I tried this at the Marriott Courtyard in Isla Verde in Puerto Rico and it didn’t work. The first night, the AC would not come on and the room rose to about 76 degrees. The second night, I messed around with the thermostat (pushing many buttons) and the air conditioner came on and the night was pretty comfortable. The third night I thought it was OK, but it just kept getting colder and colder and when I woke up the next morning, it was 65 degrees. I had to open the balcony door to warm up. I told the front desk on the fourth morning and while I was out working, they sent someone up. When I walked in that evening, the A/C was silent and the room was a comfortable 71 degrees. It started heating up and there was no air movement, so I looked this up and it didn’t work……so I smacked the thermostat in disgust as I was ready to go to the front desk and sure enough, the A/C came on. Thanks so much for the fix!!!!

  25. Golden! Was sweating my ass off in Miami, so I just googled the AC thermostat and bam found this website. Reset AC and now I am so happy, it was locked on 70 but the system obviously has issues since room felt like 75, now it’s running non stop cooling room like s champ!

  26. Just reconfirmed the “Len” mode on a Honeywell branded thermostat at a new HIX

  27. Works great at Hilton Garden Inn too. Last 72 hours in VIP mode. It’s a special time in my life and I need extra cool temps at night.

  28. Tried at a Disney room in Orlando. Said len which I read is really lem or limited energy maintenance off?? I like the fan to run all night as white noise. It has not stopped yet.

  29. This mode really sucks because it destroys the thermostat. It doesn’t come out of the mode, the fan never shuts off, even when the thermostat is turned off. The hotel has to throw the thermostat away & replace it with a new one. And these things are not cheap. So, if you destroy a thermostat, you might see it on your bill soon, if we the Engineering Department can’t fix it.

  30. or you could let people that paid for a room have their reasonable expectation of not dying of heat/cold and your problem would be solved. it’s just a cost of doing business if you want to go that route to cut corners and try to save money.

  31. agreed, don’t try to control the temperature in your “guests” rooms such that they are uncomfortable and nobody will be trying to mess with the “thermostat” on your wall.

  32. Quit being PC with this envirofruit crap and let your guests (that have paid for the room) adjust the thermostat as needed.

    Wish I’d known this trick yesterday after being in hellfire hot Disney parks all day.

    Why piss off your guests?

  33. For older version: HotelStat III (Some don’t have the brand name, just a display and three buttons – Fan Speed, up and down arrows and below a switch that goes between F/C. I finally figured this out… Hold the fan button. While holding fan, hit the down arrow. The machine will temporarily turn off. While off, switch from F to C and then adjust the temperature to what you want.

  34. @chris miller … u a hotel mgt person? You posted arrant nonsense. Trump voter, maybe? 🙂

  35. It worked at the Hyatt in Waikiki. The thermostat would only go down to 65. After entering the sequence it did not show the VIP, it showed LEN but I was able to lower the temp to 60.

  36. “len” is the new “vip”: same mode. “len” indicates “Limited Energy Management” (the “n” is as close to an “m” as they could get with the LCD) and it means that it’s not doing the normal management, i.e. actually keeping us comfortable. I’m all about energy management, but not if it’s uncomfortable.

  37. Dear Sir,

    I have a problem of the INNCOM (E528) thermostat.
    How can I fix the fan speed in mantel mode and do not change into the auto mode while changing the “UP” & “DOWN” button.

    Enzo Yiu

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