Owner Of Multiple Airlines A Giant Fraud, Moving Money Around And Siphoning Cash? [Roundup]

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  1. Honestly, the expired food is the worst, not because it happens, but because it consistently happens. I’ve personally seen it a few times.

    IDK what AA management are doing but they’re reaching Hertz levels of #fail on that topic, and I’m just waiting for the day someone gets hospitalized and dies because AA wanted to save a few dollars by serving expired pretzels. Those dates are there for a reason and they should NOT be serving them past that date.

  2. That’s a manufactured date & time stamp, not an expiration date, used to track n case of a mass recall.

    Never heard of expiration dates on pretzels.

    What a dumbass.

  3. Of course pretzels expire. It’s a best by date because their quality and taste deteriorate. You can get them on clearance after that.

  4. The NY Post is known for pure lies and blatant sensationalism. The Airbnb is definitely the second. Interesting how the only times Airbnb makes things right is if you’re a young highly photogenic influencer. Otherwise they couldn’t care less.

  5. You can get a new airplane at a discount of $42 million for delivery in a few years. If you want a new one now, a company that put up the money a few years ago selling it for $52 million sounds good, especially with all of the people wanting to fly at this time. There would be nothing to argue about if it were two completely different companies doing this. As it is, two internal organizations have to show that they are making money. Not really a lot different than the companies inside of Berkshire Hathaway.

    Since Japan Airlines is going into the used clothing rental business, why not go into renting other things on a trip? No need to take a spouse along. It saves even more weight on the airplane. Will there be transporting holographic projections but at full seat fares?

  6. Eat the pretzels. They’re fine. We have an elderly neighbor we helped out during Covid. Dropped off food (fresh fruit, veggies and such) every few days. She receives commodity boxes and insisted she give us something in return. One box must have had 100 bags of Southwest pretzels. They must have gotten rid of them when nobody was flying.

  7. I’m sure the owners of Flair and Bonza would argue that they conform to the law as it is currently written, and what many modern businesses do to be successful. As jns points out, they are only taking advantage of the spread between the advance purchase and spot market for airplanes…

    But I agree- looks like fraud to me.

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