Packing For The Sky: What Happens When Suitcases Overshadow Their Owners?

A woman entering an airport is carrying – or, really, pushing – a suitcase so gargantuan it could potentially harbor not just her belongings but also herself. The man meeting her could fit inside, too. She waves at her travel companion who is already nearer to the check-in counter. The video is captioned, “Me when my husband only lets me bring one piece of luggage.”

The suitcase is larger than she is. How much can she possibly, really need to pack? And if anything is inside, surely the bag is overweight.

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It’s often cheaper to bring more than one bag instead of one overweight bag. Now, if the bags were regular size pushing one heavy one might be easier. But how do you even manage? And do we even need to carry our entire lives with us when we travel? Clearly this is a cheeky stunt, but could she really have checked this bag?

Slightly more believable is this extra large bag:

@travelswithrachel Behold the world's largest (usable) suitcase! If this colossal bag were yours, what would you pack inside? ✈️ #PackingChallenge #suitcase #overpacking #overpacker #bigsuitcase #suitcasepacking #massivesuitcase #largeluggage #traveltiktok ♬ The Funny Bassoon – Eitan Epstein Music

The oversized suitcases are a subtle jab at the more ludicrous aspects of airline baggage policies, quietly pointing to the absurdity of of bag fees that encourage passengers to carry on every item in their lives instead. There’s something absurd about air travel and I think these TikTokers are encouraging us to see that? Or they’re just looking for attention any way they can get it?

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  1. The first video had an unbelievable suitcase size but the second video one would fit regulations for oversized allowable with a hefty fee on Asiana. Asiana allows up to about 115 linear inches (292cm) for an extra $400 and extra weight up to 45kg for an extra $400, both requiring advanced notice. Note that a suitcase 60 inches tall by 36 inches wide by 18 inches thick would meet the 115 linear inches requirement. I suppose that if you wanted to take a racing bicycle with you, you could break it down and box it up so it would meet the linear inches requirement.

  2. People can pay you for social media promotion now?

    They’re literally tagged #HUMOR….

  3. There’s something absurd about air travel and I think these TikTokers are encouraging us to see that? Or they’re just looking for attention any way they can get it?

    Por que no los dos?

  4. That would almost work for my wife as long as she still gets a carryon and personal bag.

  5. Falling for this Tik Tok clickbait but not a word about the mess that is Emirates and Dubai right now?

  6. The first one has to be a joke to get attention, probably for an “Influencer.” I’m guessing it could only be sent as air freight.

    The second one might be checkable with hefty fees for overweight and oversize. Might be better off with two bags instead.

  7. Gotta tip my hat to a pretty clever click-baity stunt by someone trying to go viral. Well done!

  8. Free bag with the affinity credit card. Flying up front, weight allowance is higher. I can fit all my stuff into a 33# bag, and I travel with a lot of stuff. I’d never travel with a bag I couldn’t handle myself, but there’s always someone to assist you if you ask nicely. Silly story.

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