So what are these travel logo
Jun 24 2002

So what are these travel links at the bottom of the page and better yet who cares? For right now, let me call your attention to (2): Checking out this site may be the most important travel tip I can give you. Priceline can be a great resource for saving money on travel, but it’s often too much of a hassle to be useful. Take hotels: not only don’t you know how low Priceline will go, you have no idea where Priceline will put you (as long as it’s within the geographic area promised). What if you knew in advance what hotel you were going to get? What if you knew that you didn’t have only one chance to bid, but that if your bid was rejected you could continue bidding without choosing different…

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Fly First Class

american airlines plane
Jun 20 2002

I still remember my first flight in First Class. I remember playing with the seat controls and the massage feature. I still have the menu. I can still taste the shrimp appetizer. Believe me, you never want to go back. But… first class is expensive. Fortunately, I don’t pay for it. You don’t have to either. There are lots of ways to upgrade to first class from coach. First, many airlines offer the ability to upgrade for free if you purchase a “full fare” coach ticket. These are the really expensive tickets that are refundable and don’t have a fee for making changes. Other airlines allow you to upgrade such a ticket for a fee. Still, I don’t buy full fare tickets. My employer won’t shell out that kind of money. After all, a full…

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Eat Food Get Miles

grilled cheese
Jun 19 2002

A friend asked me today whether I knew about iDine. Of course, I know all about it — it’s great. Here’s how it works. It’s free. You sign up. You go to restaurants. You earn 10 miles for each dollar that you spend at restaurants that are on their list — including miles for tax and tip. You can choose to earn miles on Alaska, American, America West, Continental, Delta, Northwest, United, or USAirways. The whole system is automatic. You register your credit card, and the points post automatically when you pay your bill with that card. The only limitation is that you are generally only able to earn miles at a particular restaurant once per month. However, there’s a way around this constraint… a glitch in their system. Just sign up different credit cards…

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