Passenger Bites Cops After Being Removed From Flight In Miami

Maybe the story could end after (1) low cost carrier Frontier Airlines and (2) Miami, with the rest more or less a given, but a woman from Killeen, Texas – 75 miles from Austin – is facing charges after being removed from her Miami to Philadelphia flight.

Twenty four year old Simone Bryna Kim was kicked off of Tuesday’s Frontier flight 2426 and arrested. She’d been asked to leave the aircraft voluntarily but refused, and everyone wound up having to deplane. That’s a common procedure to avoid the David Dao situation of law enforcement dragging a passenger off of a plane.

Video shows her threatening assault at another passenger, as well as a woman who was trying to de-escalate things. It’s not clear though what triggered the incident.

When she told she was being arrested she resisted – scratching and hitting officers – and was eventually carried off the aircraft anyway. She dug her fingernails into one police officer’s arm. She kicked and “nearly” knocked an officer down a flight of stairs as police tried to put her in leg restraints.

After the video ends, when three officers together were placing her in their vehicle, she tried biting them.

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All of the charges she faces relate to refusing to leave the aircraft and to assaulting the officers – nothing at all for what she’d done on the plane that got her kicked off in the first place, which hasn’t been shared. It’s never the thing that causes the cops to be called, it’s what you do after that which is a problem.

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  1. Why is it invariably in the USA? No manners. No brains. All airlines should ban such people for LIFE!

  2. The inability for “some people” to yield to people in authority is mind boggling and the root of a lot of problems in todays world.. We are NOT always equals. There are people who are IN CHARGE. and you are expected to comply and follow lawfully given instructions

  3. @Mets_Fan I think some people would be more likely to “yield to people in authority” if they had trust that said people in authority positions were not going to abuse their authority or apply that authority differently to different groups of people. There are a lot of people out there distrustful of
    people in authority,” and sometimes for very good reason.

    Ms. Kim’s behavior was, without question, out of line and she should have adhered to polite and professional requests asking her to deplane and F9 had every right to call the police. Fortunately, the police handled the situation with professionalism, integrity and in a manner I think we can all agree was appropriate to Ms. Kim’s behavior.

  4. @ DOC

    Disagree. People are coming into situations with preconceived notions of bias and discrimination that often do not exist in certain situation. A person that has bias and disdain for cops will be much more disrespectful than someone absent that bias. I’ve been on hundreds of flights. I’ve never gotten into an altercation with a flight attendant

  5. @DOC

    there is an old saying you can beat the case, but you cant beat the ride. Do as your told, shut up until you see a lawyer, take the ride and put yourself in the best position to beat the case. It doesnt take calculus to figure out there is no good outcome that will come from biting an officer while being arrested.

  6. @DOC your words (and others like you) do a disservice to “some people” by reinforcing and rationalizing the violent behavior which lands them in jail in grossly disproportionate numbers.compared to “other people”.

  7. Raised on concrete no doubt…
    I stay stoned when flying into the concrete jungles just so I can laugh at all the animal antics.

  8. @Mets, @LRon, and @Todd you are the ones doing a disservice by ignoring the entire second paragraph of my statement. If you can watch what is happening in our country and not understand why people might be distrustful you are the ones doing the disservice. Defenses focused on “it’s only a few bad apples” so let’s not make it more than it is has been used over and over and over again in the history of the world to ignore a whole host of things ranging from racial profiling to political corruption to incompetent business practices that have lead to economic ruin and death.

    Funny thing is, people say they don’t trust doctors all the time…usually because of the actions of a few bad actors. Does it offend me that people say this? No. It provides me motivation to be the best version of myself and work to change the narrative.

    You can shower me with the compliment of being “woke” and that’s totally fine with me. I was raised to believe that I have a moral obligation to speak for those who’s voice has been ignored. I have a moral obligation to be a part or righting the wrongs in our society. To ignore them makes me part of the problem. Am I going to riot to make my point? No. Am I going to speak truth to power? You better believe it.

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