Passenger Carjacks Multiple People After Hearing His Flight Is Cancelled

Travel is frustrating. We’ve all been there. Long lines to get through security, not enough staff at airport concessions. You can’t even get into the club because too many other customers have access. You’re delayed, the crew time out, and you finally learn you aren’t getting where you’re going. It’s enough to make you…

Oh, wait. No, it doesn’t cause you to do anything like this.

A suspect is in custody, accused of leading authorities on a chase and causing multiple crashes on I-80 through Parleys Canyon after a car jacking at the Salt Lake International Airport.

The 20-year-old man apparently went on a rampage after his flight was canceled, police said, carjacking multiple people, intentionally crashing into at least eight vehicles, and causing at least five crashes before he was taken into custody.

The passenger was arrested after highway patrol officers arrived on the scene in the midst of attempting car jackings. The most insane part? The guy was wrong and his flight wasn’t actually cancelled.

(HT: Paul H)

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  1. Fake news causes all kinds of insanity… this guy carjacking… Putin believing he can win in Ukrane… the GOP becoming the party of fascism.


  2. He should’ve just stayed at home with his mom and had a bowl of Frosted Flakes.

  3. And he did this precisely why? I think there’s more to this than a mistaken cancelled flight…

  4. @Zebraitis

    lol yeah fascism is when the party you don’t like wins elections.

    Guess you people are gonna have a lot fascism next week when the dems get thrown out.

  5. “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”

    H. L. Mencken

  6. @chad – no, what you described was just politics.

    Fascism is when one party decides to change the rules to make it easy for them to overturn the will of the electorate.

    If you aren’t aware of the GOP’s plans. Then you haven’t been paying attention.

    For instance: Trump-backed Wisconsin GOP candidate and 2020 election denier claims Republicans will ‘never lose another election’ in the state if he gets voted into office.

    Many Republican legislators in some states have argued that legislatures should have the final say over certifying election results.

    If you value personal freedoms, the constitution, and the rule of law, you may want to take a close look at what folks are selling you..

  7. @Zebraitis

    There you go with your fear monger. It’s not working it’s why the Dems are set to list 4: senate seats.

    The Wisconsin gop well never lost an election again just like in Florida because the democrat party is dying.

    States should have an say in elections. It’s the way it’s intended to be.

    Worry more about the pedophiles you people enabled in schools. That’s an actual threat to our democracy.

  8. Politics really has no bearing on the article. Whether this clown’s fight cancelled or not, wrong or not, as soon as the bas***d opened my car door, my 9mm Glock would take his head off. End of problem!

  9. Just another Woke Democrat on the Rampage.
    His flight was canceled, and he didn’t have a safe space to cry in.

  10. @ chad remember what the BEST (IMO) president in your Great country history, Ronald Reagan, said about fascism. What a visionnaire!.

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