Passenger Chews His Mask And Growls At Cabin Crew

A passenger on board an American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City was removed from the aircraft and charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct after an on board mask incident. The man got into an altercation with a crewmember as the aircraft prepared to land.

The man can be seen yelling in the galley, declaring “you can’t hold us!” The crewmember stands strong and the passenger returns to his seat while he moves his mask beneath his nose. Then things go off the rails in the second video, as the man appears maskless and growling while he struggles with his face covering, putting it over his eyes and chewing it.

According to American Airlines,

American Airlines flight 1802 with service from Los Angeles (LAX) to Salt Lake City (SLC) was met by law enforcement upon arrival at SLC due to an unruly passenger. The flight landed safely at SLC where local law enforcement removed the disruptive passenger from the aircraft. We thank our crew for their professionalism and our customers for their understanding.

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  1. “As the man appears maskless.” Golly, Imagine that!!! How many fatalities did this cause among the rest of the passengers and that poor crew who live without masks in SLC in almost everything they do (except flying)? Bottom story of the day . . . drunk passenger turns disruptive and escorted off the plane. Tired of pretending that being maskless on a plane is a big deal.

  2. Tim j I agree but really, there are regulations already and it has no impact on some of these people who are drunk before boarding. Apparently not obvious enough to gate crew to deny boarding to begin with. I tend to think drunk or not these people have some awareness, certainly functional enough to get to the right gate and board. And the delicate referral to “unruly” behavior by the airline, with thanks to all, why not call it what it is: illegal behavior for interfering with a flight crew, and offer some token of appreciation to passengers. Personally I think I’d be afraid of being on board with this guy.

  3. Big deal just another crazy American.
    If too many rats are forced into a confined space they eat each other.
    Welcome to flying in a rat box.

  4. on an unrelated note, *gasp* are those PTV screen I see on AA?? Guess this 738 hasn’t been Oasis’d

  5. American Airlines frequent flyers know Snickers satisfies when you’re Hangry! This is one more reason flight attendants should carry a case of emergency “Snickers” candy bars to hand out to hangry passengers.

  6. @Kevin: It is a legacy American Airlines A321. Probably N991AU, which was what operated LAX-SLC Monday.

  7. First class doesn’t buy you class. 🙂

    Also, AA doesn’t serve alcoholic beverages in coach, but does in first class.

  8. Fun stuff like this never happens on my flights…

    (Seriously though, for every story like this, literally thousands of flights took off and landed on the same day with no disruptions – this whole “crisis” is just minor incidents amplified by click-crazed bloggers who are t going to post headlines like “Flight from ATL-LGA Operates On-Schedule with No Disruptions.” )

  9. A future Florida Man, who will opt to live in Miami in order fly out of MIA. He will decide to wrestle an 8 ft gator mask less because he can. Then he will claim victory after losing 2 fingers!

  10. Rat box pretty much describes it. The virus sure came with a host of foreseen side effects. Just another scum bag who should lose the privledge to fly.

  11. This, regardless of the person, is exactly why I will not fly anymore until they get rid of the stupid useless masks. It they worked then the staff in the hospital would wear them but they wear N95 or better. These things do -0-. Made the mistake of flying out to SLC last December and the first flight was wear the mask, no water, no nothing, just sit there while the second was have some more booze no mask Nazis and it was the same airline. Return was back to mask Nazis on a different airline. Wasted first class miles on crap flights. Not worth it anymore and they/you wonder why the travel industry is in the can…………….

  12. I mean, bad behavior might happen on other worldwide airlines, but you never really hear about it. America is one bat-shit crazy country on so many levels.

  13. Apparently this guy, Timothy Armstrong, lives in Las Vegas. If he’s flying in First, good chance he’s a business owner or an executive. The word is going to get out where he’s employed. I’d have second thoughts about doing business with someone who growls at people and then goes on a racist rant. A drunken man’s words is a sober man’s thoughts.

  14. I’m with you, TJ. They do nothing unless they’re properly fitted N95s rather than underwear masks. I have N95s for doctor visits and high risk areas. A plane is not one of them. We quit flying American and canceled our credit cards with them because some of their flight attendants are indeed mask-Nazis. Surprisingly (to me) Delta and Southwest have more of a cooperative spirit rather than a Gestapo-like give-a-little-man-a-little-power authority complex.

    While this passenger was being a jerk, I have seen horrible behavior from flight attendants who are supposed to be providing customer service, not acting like wardens.

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