Passenger Clapping Turns to Screams at Plane Goes Off the Runway

On Thursday a Bravo Air MD-83 left Antalya, Turkey bound for Kiev, Ukraine. There were 169 passengers and 6 crew on board. On arrival the aircraft landed but veered off the runway before coming to a stop.

A passenger was videotaping the landing from inside the cabin. At 22 seconds you can hear clapping after touchdown, but at 37 seconds you can hear in turn to screams. It’s incredibly eerie.

The plane suffered substantial damage but everyone was fine.

Passengers reported the aircraft came to a stop with the right wing on the grass, a number of passengers seats inside the cabin had been torn off, the smell of smoke appeared in the cabin prompting the passengers to run off the aircraft.

Reportedly a flight attendant instructed passengers not to move but they got up and left the aircraft anyway.

Here’s the aircraft on the ground.

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  1. I truly hate the growing phenomenon of passenger applause shortly after the plane touches down.

    My take: pilots are professionals doing there all-day, everyday, job with skill and competence, not stage or circus performers, so no applause is called for.

    This video highlights why it makes sense to curb your enthusiasm and withhold your applause.

    It recalls my late grandfather’s Maxim: “never show a fool a half-finished job.”

    I confess I felt just a little guilty laughing at this video.

  2. As a Flight Attendant, I actually SMILE when passengers clap (at least hold it until we turn off the runway). Aviation is a BEAUTIFUL thing, an engineering marvel. People take aviation for granted.

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