Passenger Curses Out Flight Attendant Over Buy On Board Meal: Is Turkey Ham Really Ham?

A passenger on board a Wizz Air flight from London Luton to Skopje on Sunday demanded a refund for the sandwich he purchased.

He’s Muslim. He bought a ‘turkey ham’ sandwich. It’s not turkey and ham. It’s ham-like meat made out of turkey. But midway through eating the 4.50 euro sandwich he decided it “didn’t taste like turkey” and he wanted his money back.

He insisted that since it said ham on the package it must contain pork, unacceptable to him as a Muslim.

At one point, he can be heard saying: ‘I work in restaurants, I know what’s ham. Ham is pork. It’s not tasting like turkey, it’s tasting like ham.

‘This is not right, you should tell people there is pork, I’m a Muslim. It’s pork, darling.’

Moments later, and apparently speaking to the person next to him, he then adds: ‘What the f*** is your problem stupid f****** b****, she’s a f******* b**** man. She told me it’s not appropriate to touch my teeth, f****** sl**.’

The flight attendant first explained that the meat inside was turkey. But then agreed to refund his money. Some words are beeped out in this video:

I completely believe that this man’s sandwich didn’t taste like turkey.

  • It’s a buy on board turkey sandwich
  • Artificially altered to taste like ham
  • For sale on Wizz Air
  • Shrink wrapped

It probably just tasted bad. While it may have been an affront to good taste, it was an unlikely an affront to the man’s religion.

American Airlines Muslim meals on the other hand are actually quite good.

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  1. @ Gary — Great to know this passenger’s religion allows him to call a woman a “f****** b****” but not eat ham. Jerk.

  2. “anon says:
    June 18, 2018 at 1:49 pm
    ” It’s ham-like meat made out of turkey. ” oh europeans, we just call that turkey .”

    So, non-european; what do you call turkey bacon?

  3. Religion and ethnicity is irrelevant to this article. Anyone with super strict dietary guidelines will need to provide their own food because, well, what if it is ham? Do we make an emergency landing or something? In jail, I bet he gets served PB&J or he goes hungry. Think twice before you cause a scene just because you think you’re right.

  4. Ham that is not given ham processing tastes somewhat like turkey. Ham taste is not the taste of ham, but of nitrite, ascorbates, erythobates, and sometimes real or synthetic smoke. Any fairly neutral tasting meat given ham processing will taste like ham.

  5. The passenger is a hypocritical Muslim if he disparages a woman like that. He’s certainly not following the Koran.

  6. If it had ham in the name, his best option was to just order something else. Case closed. No questions about what’s really in it.

  7. This is a case of “english” having words imported from other languages. “Ham” does not mean pork products in this case, it means processed meat. So in Singlish (Singaporean English) and others “dialects” influenced by the Chinese language, there is Turkey Ham (which is only turkey), Beef Ham (only cow), Chicken Ham (only chicken), etc. Interestingly there is no Pork Ham sold in supermarkets in Singapore. There is pork though. What makes this more interesting is that many Singaporeans (and others) don’t realize there is a second meaning to ham. For them ham only means processed meat, there is no connection to pork. Hence some interesting conversations.

  8. It’s a shame they couldn’t just remove him from the plane….without waiting for it to land.

  9. “‘I work in restaurants, I know what’s ham. Ham is pork. It’s not tasting like turkey, it’s tasting like ham.”

    Soooooo you wanna explain how you know what ham tastes like bro?

  10. Its a shame many Muslims only partially understand their religion. “Turkey ham” is not made from pork. But in any case cursing and abusing an employee is not the manners required by the passesnger’s religion (or any other for that matter).

  11. European here. Turkey Ham is NOT widely known over here. I’m not sure 99% of the population would understand that turkey ham did not contain ham. In fact the only place you can buy turkey ham is in Subway… and now i guess Wizz Air!! You either eat Ham or chicken. There is no reason to eat turkey ham here as pork is cheap and widely available.

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