Passenger Hits First Class Flight Attendant, Tries To Open Cabin Door – A Vigilante Helps Take Him Down

A passenger on board Delta Air Lines flight DL2349 on Sunday tried to open a cabin door while inflight. That almost never works out the way the passenger wants, because pressurization – and because the passenger is likely to get taken down (and videotaped by fellow passengers, who share the incident to social media).

Another passenger on the Boston-bound flight reports that the man was nearly 300 pounds. Law enforcement on board tried to subdue the man after he hit the first class flight attendant, and passenger taking video joined in to help, asking other passengers to hand him a belt to tie the man up. A woman in first class donated hers.

According to Delta,

Law enforcement officials and medical personnel met Delta Flight 2349 operating from Atlanta to Boston upon arrival due to a disruptive customer on board.

The offender was bound for the rest of the flight, and kept screaming “Let me out of here, this isn’t my phone.” The passenger who helped law enforcement and solicited the belt boasted, “I am not going to be taken down by some idiot who wants to get off.”

(HT: C Boarding Group)

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  1. If the person assisted law enforcement are they a vigilante? I’d always thought that a vigilante was someone who took the law into their own hands.

  2. Umm the definition of vigilante is someone who acts without legal authority to do so. Not someone who is assisting off-duty law enforcement officers who happened to be on the plane in restraining a criminal.

  3. What do you expect from this blogger? He always uses poor grammar and rushes hastily into posting thing without doing any proofreading. I’m not surprised his vocabulary is shaky as well. Definitely not a ‘thought leader’.

  4. The offender was bound for the rest of the flight and kept screaming, “Let me out of here; this isn’t my phone.”

    But he really said, Let me out of here; this isn’t my HOME.” I’m guessing when he flies on Delta, he was suffering homesickness for Spirit Airlines or American Airlines.

  5. Is the fact that this involved a person of size really relevant here? Must our media reinforce our hateful prejudices on a regular basis?

  6. @UA-SFO a reason why off duty law enforcement may have had difficulty subduing the man on their own, and why the passenger jumped into the fray

  7. @Jason – Gary puts out multiple posts daily seven days a week. That’s a hell of a lot better than most people could do. If you’re so unhappy with this blog, why not stop reading?

  8. @jason complains about Gary’s grammar and then uses the singular (thing) where he should use the plural (things). Lol

  9. @Christian What he puts out are 9 posts full of crap for every one with some real substantive content, so basically on par with the rest of the media these days. The other 9 stories are ones like this that contain nothing but crap to feed the sensationalist drama loving mentality of the idiot public.

    In the not to long past, journalists were some of the most ethical and moral professionals in the world. These days the vast majority of them are nothing more than no talent hacks that will write anything that gets a rise out of people, true or not. They twist or omit the facts to get the most negatively emotional response out of people because that is what sells ads to the selfish morons that make up the majority of the population, be damned the consequences of doing so.

  10. @Ryan Waldron – I don’t agree with everything Gary writes. No two people will agree on everything. I have asked a number of questions on this blog that were awkward, as I could tell by the lack of a response. That said, I think that you’re putting Gary on a journalistic pedestal, then ripping into him because he doesn’t meet the journalistic standards you decide to hold him to. I’d say that if you wanted to rip into a piece of trash travel blog, comment on TPG’s site except that TPG doesn’t even allow comments. I visit this blog because I garner information and some good insight. If VFTW really gets your goat that much, why not spend your time in visiting a site that would better suit you? My question is genuine and not meant in a mean way.

  11. Christian: I don’t put anyone on pedestals or idolize journalists. I judge everyone and their works on their individual merit and Gary deserves everything I have said. Just have a look at his latest pile-o-crap series of trash about Ted Cruise. This is supposed to be a travel site, not a hack political expose. I stand by my opinion that Gary is a no talent schmuck and will continue to point that out until he retraces his steps and discovers where he left his journalistic integrity and decided to pick it up again or until people rail him off the net.

  12. @Ryan Waldron
    You didn’t answer my question: why not spend your time visiting sites that you like instead of this one?

  13. Because I feel the need to point out stupidity when I see it instead of just putting my head in the sand like the majority of the lazy selfish members of the general public. Ignoring it just allows it to breed out of control….just look at our society today. It’s also nice when you occasionally find an intellectual conversation with one of the few people in the world that still knows how to use their brain.

  14. Yes, vigilante is not the correct word! He should have been called a concerned passenger.

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