Passenger Kicked Off Delta Flight For Using First Class Overhead Bin, Told She Has A “Stupid Face”

A Delta Air Lines flight attendant told a female passenger she had a “stupid face” before kicking a couple off a plane. The incident began when the passengers were using empty space in a first class overhead bin, after first class had fully boarded. And, according to the passengers, the airline promised compensation – but first they had to remove details of the incident from social media. Yet the promised compensation never came.

As the passengers tell it, they were flying Orlando to New York LaGuardia on Delta flight 1260 on November 7. Since the third passenger in their row at the front of coach didn’t have room for her bag in the overhead, they tried to move things around in the bin above them. But, noticing empty space in a first class bin nearby and first class already fully boarded, they made use of that space.

A flight attendant objected, however: first class bin space is for first class passengers only. Delta puts signage on their bins to that effect.

Reportedly the flight attendant took bags out of the bins, and told the passengers that backpacks had to go underneath the seats in front of them. That’s where the conflict began, because the passenger here tells me he’d “paid for comfort+” (even though he’s a Gold elite and his wife is Platinum) and didn’t want to lose use of their extra legroom. The backpacks turned out not to fit under the seat in any case.

However conflict didn’t end there,

Now the safety video is about to play. She stands right in front of us and I’m not looking up at her so she says very rude for me to watch the video and I might learn something. So I pointed out that I was indeed watching the tv in front of me to the left.

So then she looks at Jen and says don’t look at me with that stupid face. Jen looks at her and ask her what she just said and then the lady says that she is from the Bronx and you don’t want this. The only thing Jen was doing is smiling. So at this point I started to video her. …[She] informed us we would be kicked off the plane and that I was not allowed to video her.

…So they [return to] the gate and about 5 people come on to remove us from the flight.

The passenger says that, after reviewing video, Delta’s agents apologized. So did the flight’s captain. However the flight attendant felt “unsafe” and wasn’t comfortable working the flight if they were on board. So they were kicked off, rather than cancelling the flight.

They were rebooked on another flight through Atlanta, they say, and upgraded to first class for their connecting flight to New York.

They were ignored by customer service which had promised a follow up, however, until they posted video to social media. That’s when Delta reached out and asked them to remove the content ‘as an act of good faith’ and to ‘show we are in a partnership’ while working out compensation. But once they’d done so, Delta went silent. So two months later they returned to twitter to share their story.

According to a Delta spokesperson,

We apologize for the delay in travel for all customers on flight 1260 from Orlando to LaGuardia on Nov. 7, 2022, after the flight crew made the decision to deplane some customers shortly after departure. Those customers were rebooked on another Delta flight and we’ve been in contact with this party to further apologies and compensation.

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  1. I can see why an FA would feel ‘unsafe’ if the FA had just told a pax that she had a stupid face. Don’t the airlines give IQ tests to people they hire to serve in the cabin? If first class had already boarded and the space was available, it should be used by anyone who needs it. Those ‘first-class only’ signs are for the moron pax who stuff their carryons up there as they go through the cabin on their way back to coach. An FA who enforces rules for no reason should really just go work for the government. Mindless bureaucrats thrive in government, not so much on an airplane. For years I defended FAs from the whiners, until I met a mentally-deranged one a couple of years ago … on a flight from Florida of course. Now I understand the pax’ position a little better. There’s really nothing you can do when an FA comes after you for no apparent reason.

  2. DL does some things well, but vetting FAs isn’t one of them. I consistently find DL FAs worse, on average, than those working for the other two carriers. Somewhat counterintuitive given that DL’s FAs are the non-unionized ones.

  3. I think the root of the problem is when airlines started charging for checked luggage. It causes grid lock at security (doubling work load for TSA), more difficult to move or seat in departure areas, and increases boarding and deplaning times. I don’t feel this will change based on the amount of revenue baggage fees bring in for the few passengers who continue to pay for checked luggage.

  4. It sounds like the FA was having a bad day and decided to take it out on the passengers. I have respect for the customer service of the ticket agents and FA’s that are the face of any airline, and they put up with a lot. But professionalism is always a must. This all started because the passengers wanted to use empty space in first class that was not going to be used and a FA stood on principle instead of using common sense, and these passengers were inconvenienced as a result of her poor attitude and unprofessional conduct, as well as probable lies. Add to that the lack of follow through on the part of customer service. Delta still go them to their destination, but with a lower value of service making them connect in ATL instead of on a direct nonstop flight. They asked the passengers to remove the video from social media to show an act of good faith, then failed to follow through on their end. Now they have failed more than once, more than twice, more than three times, they have failed four times in my book. Someone at Delta needs to look at this as a case study in what not to do in the future. And the FA needs to be written up if she wasn’t, while all FA’s need to understand that they need to use common sense. This is only one case that is probably isolated. But it looks bad for the company.

  5. I work with customers all the time, and it’s frustrating – it’s easy to lose patience with the incorrect statements and allegations customers make. But this FA seems to have a general attitude … chip on her shoulder. She probably wouldn’t do a PDB in first, either.

  6. I’m curious about this. This kind of incident isn’t isolated to Delta by any means, but I’m curious if others have had similar incidents where any airline, Delta/AA/UA/WN, have asked a customer to take down social media so directly in exchange for compensation like this?

    Perhaps I just haven’t noticed it, but I haven’t heard that kind of corporate-sponsored unguaranteed quid pro quo in this type airline compensation before (specific to the airline industry) in other articles about similar incidents.

  7. These kind of incidents probably wouldn’t happen if Delta and other airlines would charge for carry-on bags and allow free checked bags. I flew LGA to MIA last week and a rich couple each had 4-5 carry-ons, including duffel bags and personal bags. Nobody batted an eye at the gate because they were diamonds. It’s not just no-status passengers. The rules are the rules.

  8. The headline is misleading. The passengers weren’t kicked off for putting bags in the first class storage – it was the escalation and confrontation after that. Yes the flight attendant said some things they shouldn’t have but I blame the passengers. First of all space in first class (and Comfort +, Main Cabin Extra, etc) are for THOSE passengers. I fully support flight attendants removing bags. Doesn’t matter if you feel you should be able to use them if not full – that isn’t the situation. Now if they simply called a FA and said there wasn’t room for their bag the FA may have put it in the first class storage (have seen that happen many times) but just doing it yourself is wrong. Also, the unwillingness to put backpacks or other small items under your seat is wrong and entitled.

    Bottom line no sympathy to this couple and hopefully DL flags them so they get put at bottom of upgrade lists and otherwise given lower priority. Wouldn’t shock me if they were put on a no fly list. Serves them right. I have flown 8 million miles over almost 40 years on practically every US airline that existed during that time. ALWAYS be nice to FAs and respect them. They have a tough, often thankless job and the concept of the “customer is always right” isn’t the case. Work with them, treat them with respect and you will not have a problem. I have never had any encounter with an FA that wasn’t pleasant but that goes back to how I interact with them. Just because you buy a ticket (or have some level of status) doesn’t make you God – get over yourselves.

  9. Impossible this is Delta!
    The friendliest most professional airline in the world
    We offer all our passengers a stellar experience and pride ourselves on the highest value mile redemptions of any program in the industry.. Nobody beats us nobody.
    Now bend over and our customer service will be right back with you
    Thanks again for your business we appreciate it!

  10. Something is not right here . There is three sides to a story , yours, theirs and the truth !!

  11. There’s literally nothing in that video but an exasperated flight attendant with a rude passenger recording them.

    Broadly, I agree with flight attendants making them find space in their assigned cabin. If FC is boarded, I ask a flight attendant if my bag can go there. If they say no, so be it. They rarely do.

    If the passengers backpacks don’t fit under the seat in front of them, they should be gate checked – which I’m sure the pax would have magically found that they do fit or could fit.

    @Tony that isn’t my experience at all – Delta FAs are generally friendlier and happier than the FAs I see on other US airlines. But every airline can have an employee who has a really bad day sometimes.

  12. Yet another story reinforcing my decision to never talk to an FA or make eye contact with them, except to say “no thank you” or “yes please” or tell them what drink or meal I would like. They’re generally vile potential impediments to me getting to my destination.

  13. This all could have been avoided if Thomas just asked the FAs for help in placing his bags. I’m sure one of them would have put the bags in the first class bin. I have done this on more than one occasion without any problems

  14. Should they have put their bags in first class? No. Should they have filmed? I can understand filming the FA once she calls the woman “stupid face” (while not on camera, she did not deny it when he told her he was filming for calling his wife “stupid face”). Their behavior may have been rude to some degree, but it doesn’t seem to me to warrant kicking them off and delaying the flight.

    Seriously, the FA doesn’t feel safe — come on, that’s bogus. She’s just saying the magic words to get her way with them.

  15. @tony; I find the reverse to be true; however, DL ground staff are much worse in my experience.

  16. They shouldn’t let people with stupid faces fly at all. Then this whole thing could have been avoided.

  17. Thats a nasty flight attendant on a power-trip. In all fairness though, I think we should be able to see the passenger’s face so we can have both sides of the story.

  18. @AC “Bottom line no sympathy to this couple and hopefully DL flags them so they get put at bottom of upgrade lists and otherwise given lower priority. Wouldn’t shock me if they were put on a no fly list. Serves them right. I have flown 8 million miles over almost 40 years on practically every US airline that existed during that time”

    Who died and elected you pope? I am truly surprised that your head can fit in a plane. You are not frequent flyer. You are a complete toukus!

  19. This is why air travel are not glamorous or enjoyable as once it was. Between some people’s believe that customers are always taking to extreme and airlines that are to lure passengers with low airfare, this is what we get. I’m old enough to remember that most airlines pilots were former military pilots, flight attendants were hand picked, passengers dressed up to aboard a plane, clean airplane were the pride of the airlines maybe even the country they represent. Flag carriers also represented the country of airlines origin that also hinted the image and prestige of the cultural and part of ambassador, just like the most recent Singapore Airlines Infomercials. As a naturalized American, I wonder if my fellow Americans realize that we are not as welcomed in the rest of the world as the once we were. Every one seems to wanting to be treated like the Kardashians or Kanye. We can go anywhere do whatever in other countries. Respect goes both ways people.

  20. @alan – totally agree! (but I would spell it differently, it’s “tukhes” or “tuches”).

  21. I cannot fathom why an air travel journalist would publish an article that attempts to show obnoxious entitled passengers in a favorable light. Her face and the rest of her is stupid if she thinks she can store her backpack in the first class bin. Articles like this encourage customer bad behavior. Ever since United was unjustly criticized for dragging that old man off their plane passengers have been out of control.

  22. I used to bring a large backpack as my only carry-on item if I could fit everything in it. I now always use a 21” rolling bag that is larger than the backpack due to some FAs who insist that my backpack had to go under the seat even though I brought nothing else on board. I got sick of having reduced leg room so now even more space in the overhead bin gets used thanks to “rules” or whatever. I messaged UA (who I usually fly – Platinum & would be 1K if not for COVID), and they replied that flight attendants can instruct passengers to place bags that will fit to go under seats to make room for other customers’ larger rolling bags. Well great, I can be one of the “other customers” who doesn’t want half their leg room taken up by a bag, and take up twice as much overhead bin space as I really need to in the process.

  23. @JS
    I completely agree with you.
    As a UA1k I get to board first and more often than not, a FA will ask me to put my backpack under the seat in front . And that’s the only carryon I would have.
    It’s ridiculous!
    I think they need to clarify the rule, put your SECOND item under the seat In front of you.
    One time I really got pissed , venting about it not being fair.
    And I quickly realized my error But it was too late.
    To her credit she came back after everyone had boarded and told me I could move my backpack up.

  24. I totally agree with Tony. Of all the airlines I fly, Delta consistently has the rudest, most power tripping FAs and gate agents.

    I fly Delta the most because their schedules most closely meet mine but I DREAD the experience because atleast 1/3 of the time, the FA is going to be snotty or condescending even though I strictly fly FC. Lord knows how they treat the non FC passengers given how ride they can be to FC.

    And you don’t dare challenge their attitude or risk getting kicked off the plane.

    There are some outstanding ones. Sadly the crap ones ruin the whole experience.

  25. I re-read the article twice and can’t see “obnoxious entitled passengers”. All I can see is a well-travelled couple (Gold and Plat) who have been wronged twice, first by FA with an attitude and on a power-trip, and then, by corporate DL, who never full-filled their promise. Two months is plenty of time to make things right; the fact that they were accommodated and upgraded tells me DL knew it’s their fault.

  26. Two months without a response is unfortunately pretty much par for the course for DL’s e-mail handling these days. I e-mailed in April of last year about a Delta One seat that wasn’t working properly (stopped well short of the full-flat position) mostly just to let them know so that maintenance could fix it and it was somewhere around mid-summer when I received a response (which also included 10k miles compensation, which I hadn’t even asked for.)

    As far as putting their luggage over First… if they were *sure* that *every* seat in First had already been boarded, then that’s more understandable, but I see a lot of times where some of the F pax haven’t boarded yet and people will shove a bag into the bins there – despite the big red signs telling them not to – and then proceed to their seat in row 32. Not wanting to put your personal item where it’s supposed to be anyway is not a valid excuse to use the bin space from a different cabin.

    The rest of the FA’s actions past that sound like an absurd power-tripping FA, though. And the “not allowed to video her” nonsense sounds more like AA FA’s. Yes, you are, in fact, allowed to video in public in the U.S., including on airplanes. There is no reasonable expectation of privacy in the passenger cabin of a commercial airline flight, nor is there any rule prohibiting such a recording. Just because you don’t want your bad behavior in public documented with video evidence doesn’t mean you can prohibit someone from recording it. (And that goes not just for FA’s, but also cops… If you’re that bothered by someone recording your behavior in public, then it’s most likely because you know full well that you’re not behaving appropriately.) If the account here is an accurate portrayal of what happened, then hopefully that FA got reprimanded or sacked.

  27. I’ve flown on flights with this FA and at all times I’ve interacted with her, she was always kind and attentive. I think the passengers should have simply asked the FA to store their luggage in FC bins, instead of taking it upon themselves. I believe the outcome would’ve been much different. It amazes me how people in FC and EC think they are at home the way they treat the aircraft. Kudos to FA who wasn’t have it that day!

  28. Obviously one of Delta’s new amazing new-hire flight attendants. My last flight ATL-FLL on an old 757 the two flight attendants in my zone could not serve drinks because of “turbulence”. Not a bump enroute.

    They were however able to sit in their jumpseats directly in front of customers and converse in Spanish the entire flight.
    Delta needs to revisit their hiring guidelines.

  29. “These seats are very expensive- now you’ll have to go back to Coach.” Flight attendant speaking to Elaine Benes (on Seinfeld) when she tries to sneak up to an open seat in First Class – then Elaine says: oh no, please don’t send me back there. Please, I’ll do anything. It’s so nice up here. It’s so comfortable up here. I don’t want to go back there. Please don’t send me back there. Oh, you’ve got cookies! You’re going to have to go back to your seat! OK, fine, I’ll go back. You know, our goal should be a society without classes! Do you realize that the people up here are getting cookies!

  30. I’ve gold status, which in the past year or so means little in how Delta flight staff treat me. Because I am 6’3″ and since Main Cabin seat pitch has shrunk, I only book first class on domestic Delta.
    Half my flights, some short unathletic woman from Main Cabin bumps my shoulder and head with her attempt to put her belongings in the bin above my 1st class seat. Occasionally things drop onto my head.
    Also on nearly every flight, now, two or three passengers from Main Cabin bump into my elbow, arm, or shoulder as they make their way too or from clogging up the 1st class WC. I prefer aisle seat because I want easy access to the WC myself, but there always is a Main Cabin passenger clogging it.
    Delta Flight staff have a reputation of being more “professional” and other airline flight staff are much more friendly and colloquial and chide us for being scared of them as if they were Delta flight staff. So I think that most passengers now expect friendly colloquial chatter from the flight staff, so how can they complain about being called “stupid” when that’s just friendly chatter and a compliment for some tik-tokkers….
    I don’t have a solution, but I sometimes wish a crash helmet and protective pads were handed out to 1st class passengers to protect them from pushy territorial Main Cabin passengers.
    It’s bad enough that Delta no longer serves welcome drinks and changed their alcohol menu to help us relax.

  31. Why were they using a bin that they weren’t entitled to use? If their bags don’t fit overhead and don’t fit under the seat in front of them, then they can gate check them. Why does he claim he has her on film saying his wife has a stupid face, but then produces no film showing that?

  32. I wish more context were available. If the Y cabin boarding process was being hampered by a lack of available overhead bin space, and if it was close to door closing, I’d want to facilitate matters to ensure an on-time departure.

    Otherwise, F boarding had completed & there was overhead space available. The pax are mere curtains away in proximity based upon the video.

    F/A (as business rep) managed to allow passengers (customers) to get her goat. Not a good look despite what apparently transpired prior.

  33. The entitlement from these passengers is pretty thick & you know they are simply out to get an exasperated flight attendant in trouble. First class is an expensive product and they deserve the overhead space to be free, and even to ask that is insulting.

  34. After a couple of hundred flights I have never heard a cross word from a flight attendant or any one else from the airlines.
    I do get frustrated with people who try to carry on multiple items and threaten to bash me in the shins or on the head. I wish airlines would consistently enforce size and number of carry on items. I wish bloggers would quit bragging about never checking luggage. That only contributes to a worse flight experience for others.
    Now that I’m ranting a public facing person such as an FA should never call a customer “stupid face”.
    In many businesses that alone would be a firing offense.

  35. Elite Status Privilege Expectations –
    I know all about it. I used to have it when I was flying a lot for biz. I felt like I owned part of the plane! Fortunately I learned to tamp it down. The signage could not be more explicit. It applies to everyone, not just to the people who put themselves in charge and somehow think it doesn’t pertain to them; good intentions aside. It is up to the FA to sort these things out. It truly is ‘their’ airplane, and their responsibility for passenger safety and comfort. I can easily see how a remark made pertaining to a ‘stupid (or purposefully clueless) look’ could be misrepresented by the offended as ‘I was told I had a stupid face’. Take your bags on, sit in your seat, and let the people who’s job it is manage the flight.

  36. The service industry can’t hire anyone because no one will work for what they pay. Those people are now getting better paying jobs at airlines who couldn’t hire anyone that would put up with the hours and being like garbage by passengers.

  37. Did the customer ever consider not looking at the flight attendant with her stupid face?

    Just a thought…maybe de-escalate the situation and put your stupid face away.

  38. Delta should be ashamed to have anyone with that attitude represent them for ANY reason. I don’t care if the passenger was wrong, you’re being paid to be the bigger person and that was just a gross attitude. “You picked the wrong one today!” REALLY? This isn’t a bar fight, you’re a paid employee.

    And Delta knows it too or they wouldn’t have put them on another flight upgraded to first class. So really, what the rest of you think is irrelevant, Delta knew they were wrong.

  39. @AC
    The first class passengers had already boarded and stowed their belongings. Enforcing the “First class bins are for first class passengers only.” rule at this point is just mindlessly following a rule for the sake of the rule. That’s what government workers do daily. If there was no more room in the coach overhead bins, and there is room still available in first class for stowage, why not utilize it. You are part of the problem. Solving problems with common sense is part of a FA job, not mindlessly enforcing rules. And, her bad attitude was on display in the video.

  40. My name is Connie Young and I am writing in reference to an incident that happened at the Memphis airport Monday November 28th 2022. I was sitting at a gate waiting for my plane hours ahead of takeoff when approached by an agent saying that my scooter would not be able to fly. I assured him that I had called ahead to American airlines and they had okay that. Yes, it was a approved. FAA scooter for airline travel. It had a dry cell battery and there would be no problem. He called three other agents from the loading area. They said that the scooter would be fine. At boarding time we all boarded the plane. The scooter was already on its way downstairs. We are sitting in the plane on the tarmac waiting a store just came up to me and asked me about the scooter if there was electricity to the battery.. I assured her it was an FAA approved battery dry cell battery. I assured her that there was no electricity to it as it was turned off and I had the key we waited longer. The pilot came on the intercom announcing. We were waiting approval of the scooter as I was the only one with a scooter. I was very humiliated and I felt very bad for the people on the plane because of the delay of vast number of us missed our connecting flights. The lady sitting next to me was afraid she was going to lose her job because she was supposed to be at work that next day. I’m going to make this known because I don’t want this to happen to other disabled people. It’s hard enough to get old and not be able to travel like you would like to. But to be singled out in humiliated is just wrong on top of everything else. American airlines wanted a compensate with their usual compensation of $300 but this does not even cover the cost of the ticket let alone the humiliation.

  41. Typical Delta. I have status on all 3 major carriers and always fly First Class. Despite surveys and ratings (which are fixed or bought), Delta sucks through and through. Their Flight Attendants are either old crones or flamboyant homosexuals, both with chips on their shoulders. The pilots routinely have the roughest take-offs and landings. Thank heavens for Delta’s good mechanics keeping their rickety planes from breaking apart in midair. Don’t even get me started on their tasteless rubber and cardboard food or the pressurization of the cabins. I’ll take United or American any day over Delta. Delta just sucks. Let’s hope and pray it descends into the bankruptcy it so desperately deserves again.

  42. The “we’ll compensate you if you take down the social media evidence” is an interesting tactic. Certainly Delta felt they’d likely experience some brand damage from the incident. The brand damage from a video like that going viral is tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars, probably way more than whatever compensation they were offered (and never got). It can’t be measured precisely, but it can be estimated with reasonable accuracy. If anything like this happened to me and my wife on a Delta flight, my response would be something like “I’m glad you agree that this video shows some egregious behavior by the F/A. Sure, I’ll take the video down, but the cost of compensation just went up!”

  43. The passengers sound like prima donnas and jerks. Were they looking for their 15 minutes of fame? Did they want to become the next David Dao group? It’s not reasonable to ask FAs to put up with endless guff. And it’s hard to understand why so many comments blindly accept the passenger’s story as accurate and complete. The rules are very simple: Don’t bring on carry-ons that won’t fit under the seat. Don’t attempt to put your stuff in 1st class unless you are flying in 1st class. We have too many ‘adults’ who are really spoiled, entitled children. It’s awful to be around these people as a passenger, since they tend to be noisy, rude, pushy and selfish with everyone, not just with FAs. For some reason Americans think every day is open season on flight attendants. And too many Americans are looking for notoriety and a payout from an airline.

    “The two flight attendants in my zone could not serve drinks because of “turbulence”. Not a bump enroute.”
    This is called intelligent precaution if rough weather is likely. An ounce of prevention, etc. Not long ago a flight to Hawai’i was suddenly thrown about so hard that people got severe injuries from being thrown to the ceiling and tossed about like rag dolls. The FA’s are follwing the captain’s instructions, and they aren’t obliged to risk themselves to make you happy.
    “They were however able to sit in their jumpseats directly in front of customers and converse in Spanish the entire flight.”
    They sit in their jumpseats which are firmly attached to the plane. They didn’t select the location. And last I heard, it was still legal to speak Spanish on an airplane. It’s nice that Delta has bilingual flight attendants.

  45. Respectfully, there were a number of things done wrong here. Let’s address the Elephant in the room- the F/A could have certainly handled it differently. However, as you all may or may not know, F/As are actually trained to not always be friendly in the face of a threat. This passenger presented just that- a threat. The comment that he said she allegedly made about his wife’s face wasn’t recorded, so it’s at best, hearsay. Her response to him repeating it, could have been nothing more than her unwillingness to pacify him with an ongoing conversation. F/As are trained to de-escalate these kinds of situations… as a team. So the Flight Leader stepping in IS protocol.

    For the record, the Golden Rule is always appreciated and welcomed… even on a flight. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Respect goes a long way. While Delta is a corporation that depends heavily on the bottom line- People are still human and everyone should be treated with decency and respect in EVERY SITUATION. There are more times than not, where F/As have to be stern and controlling. While this isn’t always the case, it’s the norm when adults act worse than children. It shouldn’t matter that you are a platinum, diamond or even aluminum- respect everyone. The entitlement stuff I would say is actually the hardest part of the job these days. Since the pandemic, people’s attitudes have gotten increasingly disturbing. Imagine, being a flight attendant, standing at the boarding door at 5am and offering a warm welcome greeting such as, “Good morning,” and someone literally rolls their eyes at you, immediately asks you for something (never responding to the greeting), throwing a bag of TRASH at you, coming on clearly intoxicated, loud and belligerent, and that’s just a few of the experiences that I’ve had. I am a Delta Flight Attendant and I’ve been one for a decade. So I can definitively say- all these are REAL examples. Then there’s the THOUGHT that F/As are not smart and are just there to serve you drinks, get you drunk and put up your bags. All that is incorrect information- FOR EVERY AIRLINE. Most of us have multiple degrees and our experiences in life are vast. There are many former and active members of the armed services, former and current health care workers, legal analysts, real estate agents, etc. We come in many different forms and from every background you can and even can’t imagine. Flight Attendants are there for your safety, not to be your personal goffer or slave for the few hours. We all have personal lives, families and interests, just as every passenger that we service.

    The point is, THINK before you act. Give respect and you’ll certainly get it in return. Be rude and you’ll more than likely be making new travel arrangements. My high school teacher used to always say, “It’s nice to be nice!” Let’s all remember that the next time you decide to travel on Delta/UA/AA or any form of commercial transportation. Really, just go with that in every area of your lives.

    All the best to everyone!!!

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