Passenger Kicked Off Flight for Photographing Flight Attendant’s Buttocks

In April a passenger on an Indian domestic flight had his cell phone confiscated and was arrested on arrival for shooting video of flight attendants.

The passenger was charged with “assault or criminal force to woman with intent to outrage her modesty.”

Last week on a Flybe hop from Dublin to Cardiff on an ERJ190 regional jet a passenger took “inappropriate pictures” of a flight attendant during her safety demonstration. The man was “caught in the act” and asked to delete the photos. He wouldn’t. They were of “the flight attendant’s behind” and he must have really wanted those photos as he said he “couldn’t” delete them.

The plane’s taxi was already underway, but it turned around and went back to the terminal so that the passenger could be removed. While police ‘were alerted’ the man wasn’t arrested and isn’t being charged with any crime. And he gets to keep his photos which – it seems – was more important to him than taking the 187 mile, 35 minute flight

Flybe Embraer E-195 at Birmingham Airport, copyright tupungato / 123RF Stock Photo

I’m not sure there’s a lesson in this or that such a passenger would respond to lessons anyway. So I guess we should just be grateful that he didn’t strip naked and ask the flight attendant for sex?

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  1. My wife is a flight attendant and she’s had to ask passengers to stop pointing their phones at her and taking pictures and videos of her. It’s usually creepy guys, but sometimes it’s someone who is “documenting” should something go horribly wrong, like they don’t get their free drink… For some reason, people step on the plane and think it’s ok to behave in ways they never would otherwise.

  2. Trump has shown it’s ok to behave however you want. Half of this country likes him. And women can’t line up fast enough to marry him. Talk about mixed messages by women.

    Women as a gender are the biggest hypocrites. Not individually but as a group. They scream about not objectifying them then go ahead and wear sexy clothes. And there was an article “in defense of sexy mom’s”


  3. Who wants to take pictures of ugly United, American, or Delta Fat cows walking down the aisle with gravy running down on their uniform and stains everywhere and their ugly nasty ass, Clog shoes with stains from milk and crap and their hair everywhere as they rolled out of bed.
    Most of them, do not have any make up and their hair looks like crap, they are 400 pounds and ugly.
    If it is Singapore, Qater, Emirates or Etiad then it is a different story. But I do not see a reason what takins photos is an offence.
    I had someone following me around and taking my pics for a different reason and when I called the cops they told me that it is completely legal and there is nothing they can do. So, I do not see a reason why someone can not take pictures of an ugly Flight Attendant if someone can go around and take pictures of actors and models on the street without permission? What is the difference?
    I was taking pictures of myself on an Olympic flight and a total nasty Flight attendant came and grabbed my camera.

  4. Credit, David, and those asking for pictures, you’re an embarrassment to the human race. I bet you’re the sort of men who say misogynistic crap like this about women, then freak out when someone says a word about your wife, sister, or mother.

  5. Michael,

    I am saying stop with the hypocrisy. Either the women don’t want to be objectified or they can play and act sexy. They can’t pick and choose depending on how it suits the circumstances for them. Kim Kardashian doesn’t have a leg to stand on in asking not to be objectified after that photo or that editor who didn’t take a similar photo only because she doesn’t have as nice an ass. Ditto all other women who want to play up their assets to score points.

    So your argument is that they should be allowed to be hypocrites? Donald Trump has come this far only be cause unthinking idiots push PC while not hiding any of the hypocrisy. Women have the same issues to contend with.

    Misogyny my foot. At least refute me based on facts instead of the same BS of guys are misogynsts and other blah blah blah. Internet bullies may drown out voices but then voices explode as anger in support of trump. Stupid liberals.

  6. It’s Misogynist to prefer thin, sweet, and feminine women over fat, self-indulgent, animus-possesed ones?

    Hahaha….then count proud to be a Misogynist.

  7. The woman was doing her JOB and some pathetic freak is taking pictures of her butt. Anyone who doesn’t get why this is offensive needs to grow up.

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