Passenger Listening to Loud Music Causes Delta Flight to Divert, Because Ferguson

A Delta flight from Atlanta to Los Angeles on Christmas Day diverted to Albuquerque over a ‘security issue’ with a first class passenger.

An incident report shows that issue was a 27-year-old Wichita man’s singing aloud to music playing from his headphones, which bothered other passengers. When he was asked by another passenger and later a flight attendant to stop, the passenger “made references to the recent Ferguson Missouri incident” and “also stated he was being harassed because he was black,”

He then kept going in and out of the lavatory. And he cried.

The plane ultimately arrived in LA about 2 hours and 20 minutes later than scheduled.

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  1. Thank God the Republicans are in charge in January (in a week, in fact). These Obama-ites just cannot be allowed to get away with that gentle giant shit.


  2. Sorry ED, your republican saviors won’t keep those darned uppity black folk from flying on airplanes, even the crazy ones. Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll be reincarnated as a 19th century slavemaster or something. Keep dreaming.

  3. Ed, I’m cool with blaming all crazy African Americans on Obama if you’re cool with blaming all crazy white people on Dick Cheney.

  4. It’s aviation news. What the hell are you idiots bitching about. No one is forcing you to read it.

    I’m so bored with black people playing the victim.

    It has nothing to do with the fact you are black. It’s because you are acting like a freaking douche.

  5. The whole black victim thing is so counter productive. 99% of the situations claimed are just BS. But because of those, the legitimate claims get automatically denied too.
    Singing loud on an airplane is wrong. Claiming people are after you because you are black is just stupid.

  6. @Tyrone, thank you.

    Black, white, brown, purple, green–I don’t care what color you are, lack of courtesy is plain wrong. So stop your whinin’ about me picking on you because of your skin, I’m picking on you because you are a rude SOB.

  7. @JustSaying, @pavel, @Jake T. @KidStarA

    I want these four (4) racists above to know that the Ferguson thug was thrown off the place because *HE* said he was black, a typical Obama-ite that thinks he’s still in the back of the bus.

    The thug was in first class shouting the “N-word” like a thug. Well, he’s off thrown the bus now still yapping.


  8. He posts these to show how paranoid Americans are. The traveling public, the operators, and especially the security complex. An abundance of caution my ass, is there really a shortage of jerks in first class, or any class for that matter? So a jerk doesn’t do what you want him to do. Have a cop or two waiting for him at the arrival gate to have a chat with him. That would be the proper way to handle this. A diversion or jets scrambled every time some stressed out individual makes a non sanctioned comment?

  9. ‘This is happening to me because everyone around me is anti black/brown/semite’ is a common refrain.

    Why bring Obama into conversation and derail? He did not invent the entitlement programs.

    Do I have to sit through 4-5 hours of someone singing ‘his favorite’ tunes into my ears in FC? NO, I want the fellow thrown off the plane, either at 30K feet or on the ground through a diversion. I don’t pay big money to put up with self-pitying dicks in FC.

  10. Sounds pretty emo. What was this guy singing and crying about in the lav? I know it can’t be true but someone make my day and tell he was singing My Chemical Romance’s The Black Parade.

  11. @ED
    I don’t care to defend the fool who got tossed off the plane. He deserved it.
    My criticism was directed at your foolish use of “Obama-ite” . It’s okay you can just call him black if you want. I think that’s what you mean.
    I don’t know what’s more concerning. Your generalization made using that term or the stupidity of thinking a republican congress will somehow prevent this situation from happening.

  12. @pavel. If he’s lucky…

    @tyrone. Would you think its bs if it was the other way round? if you’re walking down the street with a bunch of your friends and a couple of black cops pass y’all, stop ahead, get out of his car, saunter back and ask (only) you (but none of your black friends) for your ID because you look “suspicious”, then question you on why you happen to be in their neighbourhood, and grill your friends on how they know you?
    Or if you happen down a dead end street on an evening stroll, a few blinds flutter on passing windows and a wailing cop screeches over your toes and tells you ” he got a few calls from the ‘good folks’ about a possible robbery about to occur on xxx street” and insists you need to leave, his hand on his firearm, the firearm pouch flicked open?
    bs, right?

    True though, singing aloud, then making a scene afterwards is hardly respectful.. 🙂

    @ED. oh crap ED! how did the thug get in first class? 🙂

  13. “These Obama-ites just cannot be allowed to get away with that gentle giant shit.”

    Everytime I think all is good with the world, I read the comments on this blog.

    I am then reminded that it’s not.

    Cut out the irrelevant and nasty racist comments, Gary, and please think before you post stuff that attracts them (which I can only assume you expect from a post that mentions a nasty passenger who refers to Ferguson, on a blog that is made up of primarily white readers).

    If any of the comments made here were made on an aircraft, they too would be thrown off a plane.

    Or, maybe because of their skin color, they wouldn’t…

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