Passenger Pulled Out of Lavatory for Smoking, Threatens to Kill Everyone on the Plane

A woman sitting in the bulkhead on Southwest Airlines flight WN2943 from Portland to Sacramento on Saturday was caught smoking. The woman had tampered with the smoke detector on the lavatory.

She was pulled out of the lavatory and called out for smoking. That’s when she threatened to kill everyone on the plane.

While the pilots “declared an emergency to receive priority handling from air traffic controllers” they did not divert and continued to Sacramento. The woman was restrained by passengers and flight attendants and the aircraft was met by law enforcement in Sacramento.

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  1. She obviously didn’t listen to the safety instructions from the flight attendants. They clearly state that smoking isn’t allowed. They tell you that tampering with a smoke detector is a federal offense and you could be fined. They also tell you to wear your seat belt. She isn’t doing any of those correctly.
    Seems odd that the FA has an oxygen mask and tube out? I would like to see the longer version of the video.

  2. Disgusting smokers, yet again, have no consideration for those around them. They should be forced to wear a mask and inhale all their own gross secondary pigarette smoke themselves.

  3. Another world class Southwest Airlines Customer
    They typically get a few notches up of better passengers than Spirit to their credit
    She may have some mental health issues

  4. Just the average Southwest Airlines customer, Spirit customers are better they don’t threaten everyone on the plane.

  5. Portland to Sacramento can’t be a long flight, but I guess she couldn’t wait. They should sell nicotine gum out of vending machines at the airport.

  6. Percent of articles posted that trigger Credit?

    My only fear is he stops posting his hysterics here as that will mean he’s went off in real life.

  7. So was it Portland to Sacramento or Las Vegas to Santa Ana? Maybe if she had left Las Vegas that would explain something…

  8. Thankfully, the crew didn’t allow a nutcase to use the mystic powers of the force to cause the plane to divert and 150 customers to risk another takeoff and landing.
    Good decision.

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