Passenger Salutes Hitler, Calls For Race War Before American Airlines Flight To Dallas

At the start of boarding of an American Airlines flight from Seattle to Dallas – Fort Worth, a passenger at SeaTac airport’s gate D10 took advantage of the opportunity of a full flight of passengers to declare his allegiance to Adolf Hitler and plead for the start of a race war.

The man offers a Nazi salute, yelling “sieg heil!” and “heil Hilter!” before offering his recommended course of action while leaning on a rollaboard bag.

There’s not safe for work language in this video, even Hitler allegiance aside.

Just another day of air travel. So maybe what’s most striking about the incident is that American Airlines was boarding group 8 when this happened – so he was either on a basic economy fare, or triggered by needing to gate check his carry on. That, and that an American Airlines agent is on a walkie talking reporting the incident but seems otherwise unphased.

Update: This occurred on November 20, and the passenger was arrested:

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  1. Geez. If AA didn’t keep this guy off the plane, I’d be disappointed in them. They get to choose their values, and if allowing political hate speech on their planes is OK with them, then I’m very disappointed. Yes, you have free speech protection from the government, but you do not have from corporations. I think AA would have been on solid legal ground to keep this guy off the plane. (It’s possible TSA could have deemed this a threat too, and kept him off the plane, that is another matter.)

  2. His views are probably in sync with 40% of #MAGA Americans.

    AA would not want to lose so much of their target market, and TSA would be accused of restricting “freedoms”.

    Waiting for MrGinni to rule that the #RightToBearICBMs includes #OpenCarry on planes.

  3. Yeah, so he’s a bad guy with a filthy mind, but also clearly (!) not mentally well. AA should have removed him from the flight for disturbance. Can you imagine what a guy like this would be up to during the flight?!

  4. Reminds me of the raised clenched arm and/or fist of: BLM; ANTIFA; Hezbollah; Hammas and similar chants for war and violence.

  5. (Unfazed, not unphased.)
    I would not want to travel on the flight if they allowed that guy to board.

  6. The gate agent appeared ‘unphased’? Well that’s a definite health concern!
    Quite different to appearing ‘unfazed’, wouldn’t you say?

  7. Not much of a master race if they can’t get out of basic economy.
    It never ceases to amaze me how many people continue to worship a loser like HItler, who was such a coward he took his own life rather than face the conquering armies.

  8. Ppl who are obsessed with gender are the ones who have the most they are lying to themselves. Gender is a lie. Get over it.

  9. Even without the Hitler language, when someone is yelling like that, it’s questionable whether they should even board the plane. If he were yelling “Global Warming is like Stalin. End global warming. Death to all warmers. Death to gasoline cars. Death to Jet A powered planes.”, he, too , should be banned from that flight.

    But, in the end, I think everyone arrived in DFW ok.

  10. For the record, this week, Donald Trump hosted White nationalist and Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes for dinner at Mar-a-Lago.

  11. Love that you would even infer (at all) that racist views are ok when being forced to check a bag. Wow. Just wow. This is how people slowly try to normalize this type of behavior. It’s not ok. Nope. No way. Nope.

  12. Good job giving these loony tunes the attention they want. Great use of your blog. Keep up the great work. (roll eyes here)

  13. “@Meh, what is bigoted about the expectation that these are some “very fine people”?”

    Wherein rj123456 reveals himself to be a true-blue lefty drone who eagerly swallows all the blatantly fake news talking points his lefty leaders/media tells him to swallow and then dutifully regurgitate ad nauseum without doing one iota of his own thinking or research.
    Wouldn’t expect anything less from these petulant children. It’s how we got Biden and historic inflation and on the edge of nuclear war…etc. “But no mean tweets!!” lol/smh

  14. Unfortunately, this is an era of rising xenophobia and racism in general, and fascism is seductive of way too many.

  15. I appreciate the comments by some rejecting the knee jerk, politically motivated comments of others. The trend to comment immediately without facts and draw conclusions seems to be catching on…why not, when the media and many of our leaders do the same. Given a chance to reply, one of the commenters just further illustrates how bigotry often begets more bigotry. The real shame lies in those who are carried away by the lies perpetrated by the politics of personal destruction…a shameful political strategy that is used most often by the left with impunity leaving society to deal with the wake of false narratives and destroyed reputations while at the same time protecting the real corruption and indeed bigotry that can be seen on display by those with their eyes wide open. I most appreciate the simple comments recognizing the sad mental state of this person.

  16. It’s funny how people are saying this guy was “mentally ill” without any proof. You know, sometimes people are just racist, anti-semetic, sexist, homophobic and not mentally ill, they’re just some combination of hateful, intolerant, uneducated and narrow-minded.

    Who ever this guy is, he is entitled to his opinions. And, when he verbalizes them in public the business that he is patronizing has every right to refuse him service in response. Oppression has no place in a civilized society and if AA did not respond to this situation definitively it reflects very poorly on them.

  17. The thug in the video is behaving in an agitated, very aggressive manner that probably intimidates others who were there waiting to fly without incident. The airline rejecting such misbehaving passenger should not be surprising. The police going after the thug for disorderly conduct/disturbing the peace also should not be considered surprising.

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