Passenger Shaming: The Worst Behavior in the Skies Reported On This Week

It’s not just the man who used an airline’s mistaken downgrade as an excuse for groping and sexually insulting a flight attendant.

Here are two stories out of Canada this week:

Couple Attempts to Hide Acts on Plane via Coat Over Laps Despite Also Being Topless.

The New York Daily News leads,

‘Her pants were down around her ankles’: Canadian couple used coat over laps to hide mid-flight sex acts, attendant says..

..He found the couple in their seats with a coat covering their laps. Lander’s pants were down, her breasts were out of her bra and her hand was near Chase’s crotch, the flights attendant said.

..It’s not clear if the two knew each other before the frisky incident.

..Dunn demanded Lander get dressed and asked her to put her breasts back inside of her bra, he said

..“At one point she lunged at me as if to bite me,” said [a responding officer]

South African woman fined $15,000 for throwing water on and cussing out a flight attendant.

Johansson, who is from Johannesburg, told RCMP after her arrest that she was upset because she couldn’t sit with her husband on the flight and her TV did not work.

..In sentencing her, Judge John MacDougall wished her, “Godspeed. Get out of here.”

Passengers are sure a piece of work.

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  1. Tim, it’s to just Gary and a foot fetish, it’s civil behaviour and etiquette that is the issue. Something’s bringing out this behaviour. My last three flights, the person seated next to me removed their shoes and socks through the whole flight, one even using the washroom in bare feet. Two in first, one in economy! And these were domestic flights, not overseas. At least on the economy segment there was an empty seat between us. A bit more intimate on the two F segments though.

  2. @DavidB – I can think of few things more disgusting than going to an airplane lav barefoot. That’s kind of like when Britney Spears was photographed coming out of a gas station bathroom barefoot.

  3. My father used to tell a joke about finding a sign in a midtown Manhattan men’s room
    “Stand up close, the next man may be barefoot”
    At least I always thought it was a joke…

  4. Its just Gary looking for more comments because he includes some barefoot picture. As long as feet are clean, there is nothing at all wrong with them.

  5. You track the same thing from whatever you step in on your shoes that you would barefoot…actually I would bet you wash your feet more than you wash your shoes. Doesn’t mean I want to walk into a bathroom on a plane barefoot, but its not inherently a problem. Socked, on the other hand I think is gross, as thats much less likely to dry or come off, as it will be absorbed into the fabric…but to each their own.

  6. Is there a web site for shaming British Airways customer service such such as 2 months to issue an eticket!

  7. I fly about 150,000 miles a year and yes, I agree to all of your comments.

    BUT please allow me to criticise Americans as well as they have the same behavior as anybody else.

    On a cruise I’ve just been on I really got angry.

    Keeping the shoes on but sitting with ‘sort of’ crossed feet so that the dirty shoes are ON the chair!

    Removing shoes and putting them on a table!

    They leave their dishes and cups exactly where they stand (which means in the middle of the corridors, in front of elevators).

    They scream and shout as if they are unable to speak normally.

    They just stand in the middle of everything (in front of doors, in the middle of corridors) whithout moving.. just apologizing but still without moving.

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