Passenger Shares What It Was Like to Be on United Flight During Reported Bomb Hoax

Four hundred British schools were evacuated in March and a United flight from London to San Francisco was quarantined because of a rash of bomb threats which a teenager admitted to making. He was also responsible for a denial of service attack on ProtonMail.

One passenger on United flight 949 shares his perspective on the incident, arriving in San Francisco and being take off the aircraft.

He wonders whether the government knew it was a hoax and used it as an excuse for a drill, based on one officer’s attire and another’s stray comment. I don’t see enough evidence here to come to the same conclusion.

He also doesn’t think it adds up that no emergency vehicles responded to a reported bomb and that no IDs were checked. He further finds separating people from their cell phones to be odd, though the government might respond that someone could remote detonate the called-in bomb by phone (why they wouldn’t have done that already, or done so immediately once armed officers stormed the plane, is unclear).

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  1. That asshole teenager George Duke-Cohan is the reason why we need death penalties – exactly designed for losers like him.

  2. Shame that our government overreacts to stuff like this.

    I don’t want to be “safe than sorry” when being safe comes at such a cost.

    What a waste of resources and a slap in the face to the ideals of freedom upon which America was founded.

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