Passenger Shoves Girlfriend, Punches Airport Staff

Two passengers were arrested after a man shoved his girlfriend before attacking airport staff at the gate for an easyJet flight from Bristol to Alicante.

She was shouting and, apparently, in the way of her boyfriend’s rage – he punched one employee and hen knocked another staff member over. The pair, in their late 30s, were suspected of being intoxicated.

According to police,

At around 9.30pm on Friday 17 June, officers based at Bristol Airport responded to a report that members of security staff had been assaulted after two people were stopped from boarding a flight, due to being intoxicated.

A 39-year-old man and a 37-year-old woman were arrested on suspicion of assault. They were both interviewed and given conditional cautions.

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  1. “conditional cautions”? This type of subhuman garbage needs to be removed from the gene pool.

  2. Gary,

    Please don’t get back to posting “National Enquirer” stories like this. Maybe I’m alone but would rather not get a post than one like this. This has absolutely no impact on anyone that reads your blog. If you want to include a link in your post with a bunch of stories that is fine I guess but to devote an entire blog post to it is a little over the top IMHO. I really don’t care about drunks, people wearing revealing clothes or fights with flight attendants/gate agents. Please stick to actual news that impacts your readers (like the majority of your posts) and away from the click bait.

  3. People are just pissed off these days until the economy subtilizes, the mess in Europe doesn’t escalate maybe we will all take a deep breath and step back little.

    Does this surprise anyone?

  4. Yet another example of what evidently seems to be a pandemic of “people” taking leave of their senses when boarding an airplane. Should be banned for life. That way the rest of us can enjoy the expensive tickets we paid for and have a decent flight!

  5. From Bristol and “suspected of being intoxicated”? Haha. They are less likely to have red blood cells. Put them in Florida and they will fit in.

  6. Ho-hum, another story about drunks behaving badly at airports. And why not? You’ll not be punished for behaving like a wild animal in public, so go ahead … indulge yourself. The authorities will slap your wrist and you’ll be famous for 5 minutes on all the travel blogs. But be sure that someone is videoing your actions, or it won’t count.

  7. “Conditional cautions?” What the Hell does that mean? How about arrested and thrown into genpop while awaiting trial? That would make more sense.

  8. Gary, maybe start a second website, “Drunks on Planes” ? I’m sure people would flood you with things to post.

  9. @ AC. You are alone.
    “Drunks on a Plane” would be a sure hit. Thing 1, someone will steal your idea.

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