Passenger Shows How Little Progress Humans Have Made Through Evolution [Roundup]

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  1. The flight attendant knew how to put a bag in a bin, and she definitely looked human. So yes, humans are still the most evolved living species. Except those on Twitter, of course

  2. Due the height of the pandemic when traveling from PHX to PHL to visit my Mon and Dad, nothing at Sky Harbor was open until well after my 6 am flight would leave. Each time the AA FA would brew a pot of coffee for me and the other 8 people fly that day and hand deliver it. They were truly my Angles from Heaven.

    Yes there are a few bad apples out there but the AA crews have truly gone above and beyond during a time when I needed compassion and a cup of coffee. Mom and Dad both died (not from Covid) during the past two years and AA help me get to them and take care of them.

    Thank you

  3. Thanks for a good laugh, but what’s this “…kept them out of the cockpit…” nonsense. It’s pretty clear in the linked post that said pilot is an individual, and female, referred to as “she” and “her” by the author.

  4. A bit like the Farside cartoon of a kid trying to open the door to the Gifted and Talented School. He keeps pulling the handle despite a big sign saying, “Push”.

  5. Yesterday, a guy boards my flight during military boarding. He wasn’t. He boarded with three carry-ons and filled an entire bin. Either ignorant or rude.

  6. Just look at the past 2 1/2 years and you’ll see how little most of society has evolved.

  7. Today, a gal boards a 1-2 configuration aircraft with seat assignment 4D (the window). A guy subsequently boards with seat assignment 4C and argues he has the window seat. After all, there are three seats across and the alphabet runs A, B, C. The gal notes that she has D, which follows C. Harshly, the guy says the window seat is his. The gal says he can have it but for the record C is the aisle.

  8. I’ve been flying for 50yrs (pilot, military & commercial). It seems people leave their worries and common sense at home when they fly. This guy clearly has issues with recognizing size – bumped heads and a disappointed wife. If you have to use your phone, move aside; you are now moving slower. Walk in a straight line, quit drifting left and right. Walk on the right side of corridors. Don’t stop at the top or bottom of escalators (and if you’re meeting someone, stay waaaaay back). People need to exit elevators before you get on, so don’t crowd the door when you’re waiting. And you don’t need all your worldly possessions to travel, and certainly not as carry on.

  9. That’s the equivalent of, “I’m rubber you’re glue, everything you say bounces off me and sticks to you”. Just about your normal speed. Unfortunately, everything I’ve claimed for the past two years has been proven correct.

  10. I am curious how bad the TSA checkpoint lines will become at T5 at ORD once Delta moves in. They are already often way too long compared to most airports that I fly from, and it seems that another carrier will make things even worse.

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