Passenger Stripped Naked in the Aisle on Saturday Night, Blames Pakistan

A passenger flying from Dubai to Lucknow, India on Saturday walked up and down the aisle on Air India Express flight IX94 before taking off his clothes.

The man in his mid-30s was quickly ‘pounced upon’ when crew saw him nude. They wrapped him in a blanket. He resisted. They overpowered him and restrained him while the flight continued on.

He said he was stressed out because at work in Dubai he was the only non-Pakistani. That’s actually a good defense if you’re in India, it’s all the Pakistanis’ fault — except he was no longer in Dubai, nowhere near his Pakistani co-workers, he was headed to India.

The man after being detained by the authorities revealed that he had been harassed by his Pakistani coworkers in Dubai who far outnumbered him as he was the only Indian there. He said he was mercilessly beaten by the Pakistanis and tortured to go back. In frustration, he had resigned and was returning to India.

The man apologized and was collected on arrival by family members.

(HT: Max Prosperi)

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