Passenger Strips Down As She Walks Through Miami Airport

There’s a video going viral on twitter of a woman in the Miami airport. In my estimation she must be an elite frequent flyer because she’s able to check all of her belongings and go carry-on free. She must not face checked baggage fees.

She doesn’t have a rollaboard. She doesn’t have a purse. And she’s dressed in what looks to be a swimsuit, at least at the beginning of the video. As she continues walking she loses even that.

Since as she’s off in the distance she does take everything off (you only see it in the distance from behind) I’ve decided not to embed the video into the post however if you’d like to see it you can view it here.

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  1. Please exercise some decency here – the woman is clearly having either a mental breakdown or is incapacitated by some form of substance abuse. Instead of amplifying this “viral” video, how about you don’t? And to those “on-lookers” in the video – shame on them – how about helping out a soul in need, rather than ogling and laughing.

  2. if you’re not gonna follow the action why even bother recording? mind your business Jan M. ogling is human nature and I’m very human. thanks for the link Gary. much obliged good sir

  3. @Jan M – how about getting off your high horse and dropping the sanctimony? Nobody opposes this individual getting mental health treatment, but to say we should all feel guilty for observing here is very silly.

  4. Good god why do I live here. It never ends. “Today in Florida….” or “And unbelievable story out of Florida today…..”.
    Fill in the blanks

  5. @Jan M, so if I understand your sanctimonious hypocrisy, you are criticizing us for being voyeurs lacking decency AFTER YOU WATCHED THE VIDEO.

  6. Any info or speculation about why the female in the video did this strip show at MIA? The “she’s mentally ill” line has already been speculated, so skip that one.

  7. It is said that a common dream/ nightmare for stressed -out frequent flyers involves being naked in an airport.

  8. Speculation? Okay: Ambien + Alcohol. Effective at knocking you out for long flights: not so good at putting you to sleep.

  9. @janm how do you know she has mental issues? Sane people do seemingly crazy and unreasonable things, too. Shame on you for shaming others with your holier than though judgy judginess. Back to the convent for you! And don’t click on these posts next time!

  10. The woman is proud of her body and isn’t afraid to show it. How great is that? Hate all that pixilation which is another form of censorship churches and their peasant followers impose on the rest of America. We thought we were so over that when the US won WWII and the Holocaust ended. The woman is clearly happy–hey, you sing when you’re happy and of course there’s always a cop to round her up like a head of cattle. I would have stopped her or at least followed her along to interview to get that Who, What (we know that), and Why MIA of all places was so lucky to have her presence and without the pretense of covering her body.

  11. To be honest, don’t know what the bid deal is.
    –During the Summer, there are women walking around with nothing but body paint in Times Square in New York and Fremont Street in Las Vegas.
    –Actresses are always strutting around naked for PETA, to save the whales, and numerous other celebrity causes of the day.
    –Madonna put out a video where she was hiking naked.
    –Drew Barrymore (who comes from a wealthy family) used to go strip at strip clubs just for the thrill of it.
    –Would it surprise you if I said I saw Miley Cyrus mostly naked riding on a big wrecking ball in a music video.
    –There is a naked bike ride in Denver and others elsewhere.

    One lady taking it off (for whatever reason) in an airport is interesting (thank you for that Gary), but hardly shocking in this day and age.

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