Passenger Video Goes Viral: Cracked Window On Southwest Flight To Vegas

A passenger on board a Southwest Airlines flight from Tucson to las Vegas has gone viral posting her experience to TikTok when she “rested her arm on the window next to her seat, instantly breaking the plastic layer” of the window.

I first saw the video on Instagram posted by Humans Of Spirit Airlines as though this happened on a Spirit flight (you’d think!). So the whole episode is shrouded in misinformation and misunderstanding.

The plastic barrier between the interior of the cabin and the actual window broke. The passenger describes it as fairly scary, “the whole window just broke, shattered, the whole thing.” The flight’s captain, though, reassured that there was nothing structural that had broken and the aircraft was safe to continue the flight.


Southwest starting to feel like Spirit

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As a passenger this can be understandably scary. Fortunately the glass window panel didn’t actually break. There was no loss of cabin pressure. No one had to put on oxygen masks. The plane was safe to continue to its destination. Southwest did, however, give the passenger a $300 travel credit for the experience.

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  1. Just another oversized passenger seeking attention for over aggresive behavior.

  2. The window falling apart would surely get your attention. But there’s still no story better than the twit that dried her lingerie on the air vent … priceless.

  3. I blame in part the airlines for treating customers like children and not giving them honest and detailed materials to look at on how planes work, the air traffic system and so on. Granted all this is available with just a little digging, but if people boarded with the mindset that it’s all not magic they’d be more comfortable (less passenger panic or rage too) and something like this shouldn’t lead to such excitement. It looks like the inner plastic field cracked, not the real outer heavy window. And no, it it broke then unlike “Goldfinger” you won’t be sucked out (not that anything good would happen either).

  4. A $300 travel credit?!!!

    Great, now we are going to see a bunch of idiots breaking the plastic inner part in hopes of cashing in.

  5. Blame the airlines for not giving honest, detailed materials on how planes work?! That’s silly. How many people actually read the emergency card in their seatbacks let alone would pay attention to “detailed” information. Twit! I’m sure the flight attendant relayed to the passenger that there was no danger and the function of the plastic cover.

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