Passenger With An Open Bottle Of Smirnoff And No Mask Head Butts Flight Attendant

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  1. I’d dump him right on the tarmac. So tired of tolerating what has become of air travel. It’s a privilege not a right.

  2. Gary – your paranoia is getting old. It was multi use dispensers in showers plus the body scanners in airports (have you really not taken a shower with others?). Now you are paranoid on facial recognition. I’ve been in IT 40 years and applaud the use of this technology and AI to target and stop people. As you likely know there is no right of privacy in a public place. Finally what is your issue w removing a mask at TSA to verify your ID? And to think the agent should do the same, when no one is checking their ID, is almost crazy!!!

    Man you are losing it. Next time we will see a bling about black helicopters!!

  3. > TSA where they (italics) don’t have to remove their (italics) mask

    Why are you complaining that the security officer doesn’t remove his/her mask? Don’t you get that they’d just be exposing you to their viruses FOR NO REASON WHATSOEVER? Yes, they need to see your face for ID purposes, so you have to lower yours, and I’d hope they’d be mandated to keep theirs on!

    Agree with AC — you need to see a shrink. Your paranoia is getting in the way.

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