Passengers Arrested And Dragged Out Of Miami Airport Baggage Claim

In this video shared to social media, women can be seem arrested at baggage claim in the Miami airport. They’re dragged out as they futilely resist the officers and the younger woman screams that “it hurts.” One woman announces that she has four children. A concerned onlooker worries about the kids, but the officer responds confidently that he has experience performing arrests where children are involved.

According to reports on Instagram a mother and daughter assaulted a flight attendant on their trip to Miami. However I haven’t yet been able to confirm additional details. Searches such as ‘miami arrest baggage claim arrest’ and ‘miami airport police’ aren’t turning up recent stories that would shed additional light on the circumstances surrounding the video at Twitter, Facebook, Reddit or Google News.

Has anyone found more information about what happened that led to the arrests at the Miami airport baggage claim?

Update: the footage is from November but is apparently now being shared and going viral with the claim that these passengers were added to the ‘No Fly List’ because that’s been in the news with Sara Nelson and House Democrats pushing this abuse of government power as a punishment for those present for riots at the Capitol last week.

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  1. This isn’t MIA. It’s FLL. I recognize that baggage claim “Art” as FLL and you can see Broward County Sheriff on the officer’s shoulder.

  2. Gary, I tried to point you in the right direction of the facts for this incident. You used this information to offer a politicized update without presenting the actual facts that pertain to this post. Please remove my name/link.

  3. @chris – I wrote asking readers what they knew about the incident that was making the rounds, and some offered that in the comments and a couple in social media, hence the clarification I added

  4. @Ken Palmieri I already link to this in the post at the bottom by way of an update

    @Dan Kirk I’m confused that you say I didn’t share the facts in the update, what additional facts do you think are relevant here?

  5. Idiotic post, view from the wing. Why dont you take it down and save some face for being a grandstanding clown

  6. I heard they had logged onto the Parker app on the airplane and they were therefore imminent threats to national security and therefore had to be taken down. Too bad they weren’t just looting a Best Buy or firebombing a courthouse. Then they would have walked away scot free.

  7. @Gary, your financial analysis posts are outstanding. Your Geraldo-esque, sensationalist articles, not so much.

  8. You cited Sara Nelson and House Democrats pushing an abuse of government power? You mean like the governors of Wisconsin and Michigan creating lockdowns that courts found exceeded their authority (another way to say they abused government power)? Or are we talking like Democrats using state judiciaries to circumvent legistlated voting procedures under Article 1, Section, 4, Clause 1 of the US Constitution and effect a coup? Please be specific when you mention Democrats pushing an abuse of government power.

  9. As Luke Vader mentioned, in a desperate effort to drive people to the website, it slips further and further towards being the National Enquirer of Travel websites.

    A pity.

    Some advice: Stick to articles that relate directly to Delta, status, rewards, opportunities, etc.

  10. The younger woman — the one with the long blonde-colored hair — is a law school student.

    Should be interesting to see how her application for the state bar goes over when she has to note her history of arrest for a criminal violation (and any prosecution following the arrest).

  11. @Aloha – truly embarrassing “both sides” attempt to downplay the actions of the Trump Terrorists last week by way of comparison.

  12. Can we get back to talking travel and not focusing on these idiots. Their 15 minutes is up and the less exposure they receive the sooner they and their fellow Traitors go away.

  13. If she and her daughter did anything like assault or fight with crews this is what you get. Play stupid games win stupid prizes. Buying a seat doesn’t mean you can do anything you want. Good on Sara for her work getting the cretins causing trouble on flights on no fly list. Remember 9/11?

    Yes people list their minds with the Trump entitlement. But we have laws and if you break them, game over

  14. AlohaDaveKennedy. I agree, well stated.
    GUWonder. You may be correct but she can become a community organizer and perhaps even POTUS.

  15. Had a HORRIBLE incident in MIA about 15 years ago and absolutely REFUSE to give any government in Sourh FL one red cent of landing fees/taxes/etc. Will fly to PHL/DFW/ORD/PHX as my AA connection if I can’t get a CLT direct. It’s the only way I have found to bring about any kind of change; hit ’em in the wallet…

  16. One Trippe,

    Given the country has had Trump as President, Trump has lowered the intellectual and moral qualification threshold for President down to mafia gutter rat levels.

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