Passengers Fainted and Flight Diverted Because Man Onboard Smelled Really Bad

A flight from Gran Canaria to Amsterdam on Dutch low cost carrier Transavia made an emergency landing on Tuesday. Passengers were fainting in their seats. Some vomited in the aisles. None had even eaten the fish, and the flight wasn’t especially turbulent. No one turned into a zombie.

“From the moment he stepped into the aisle, people began to scream and dived into their bags looking for handkerchiefs to keep in front of them,” passenger Piet van Haut told De Telegraaf. Cabin crew tried in vain to cover the stench with perfume, but nothing could mask it.

… “Nobody could stand the stench,” Van Haut said. “I heard someone say that the stench was worse than that of a corpse that had been decomposing for a month. It was an untenable situation,” Van Haut said.

Passengers “began to gag and become violently ill.” And it all traced to one passenger. The crew tried to move the man back by the lavatory, but that didn’t help. The plane diverted to Faro, Portugal.

Medical crews were standing by on the ground and they took the man off the aircraft and placed him in an ambulance. The Transavia flight continued to Amsterdam.

The airline confirms that they removed the passenger in Faro for “medical reasons,” but acknowledged the reason “is indeed right that he smelled quite a bit.”

Here’s video of the man being offloaded:

Though everyone continued their journey the smell lingered, and the flight crew opted not so make any food available.

Earlier in the year another Transavia flight diverted because a fight broke out when a passenger wouldn’t stop passing gas. So it may seem like a Transavia thing.

However last month United kicked Queen Obioma of Nigeria off a flight because of her smell. Last year passengers were kicked off a Spirit Airlines flight because of their stench. Air Canada once kicked an American passenger off a 50 seat regional jet due to the person’s smell.

It’s shocking this doesn’t happen to half the flights departing Washington National airport.

If an airplane lavatory smells there’s a solution for that.

A passenger did do something in the lavatory of a British Airways flight to Dubai once that forced the aircraft to turn around. And flatulence — albeit goat flatulence — has forced an emergency landing of a Singapore Airlines aircraft.

Passengers do pass gas more on planes because changes in air pressure cause the body to produce more gas.

San Diego by the way has made an effort to crack down on taxi drivers who smell.

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  1. While walking to work I often cough and gag at the stench of sidewalk sleepers whom the bleeding heart liberals in San Francisco refuse to do anything about.

  2. @ Jason – Everyone wants the homeless problem solved but no one wants to cough up the money that’s needed. Hardly a “bleeding heart liberal” or even an SF issue. Every big city has a homeless problem or are you just too obtuse to realize it?

  3. Liberals will say that’s racist from passengers not to accept the right of the abuser to smell like a dead corpse..

  4. Umm, yes, San Fran does have a HUGE problem…. Poop everywhere. That’s dystopian socialism for you. This article is a sample of their problems…

    I’m not claiming rich conservatives have the answer, but certainly, San Francisco is a west coast liberal mecca that leftests love and control. If you are a mega rich (conservative or liberal), you are never bothered or encounter the homeless issue. The mega rich that run that city never have to walk on a sidewalk to work with human poop and dog poop everywhere or worry about drug-induced aggressive panhandlers.

    For years, the rumor in Houston was that the city of Austin would give people released from the state mental hospital one-way Greyhound tickets to Houston. Maybe San Fran officials can give out free one-way airline tickets to their homeless on Spirit or Frontier and send them to a more humane city.

  5. If we continue down the ‘essential oils’ route then we’re all doomed, there will always be an invasive offensive odor coming from someone. Gone are the days of my first part time dept store job (30 years ago) when I was told to not wear any scent since it would push away customers…I complied but today people seem less interested in caring about those around them.

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