Passengers Fight Over Elbows On Arm Rests

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  • Delta is bringing meals back to premium transcon flights and “later this summer” they’ll offer “sandwiches, salads and bowls” in the premium cabin on flights over 1500 miles. While Delta touts itself as a premium carrier, inflight service has been an area where they’ve generally lagged competitors during the pandemic.

  • From the former head of a oneworld frequent flyer program:

  • Shared armrests belong to the person in the middle seat. If you’re in search of a rule for regional jets, default to the person in the window.

  • The 10 o’clock show is different than the eight. I’ll be here all week! Try the chicken.

  • National Car Rental is status matching against airline and hotel status

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  1. The shared armrest is just that, shared. It doesn’t belong to anyone. First come, first served. There is also no harm in actually sharing it. One person can take the front half, another can take the back half.

  2. Small potatoes in comparison to the time I flew long-haul from Europe and had the moron in back of me put his feet on my armrests!
    Lesson learned: never travel without an ink pen in your pocket…

  3. What is the rationale for window getting the armrest on regional jets? As someone who prefers window to aisle, I’m not complaining, just curious.

  4. What Chris says … how could there be any doubt about this? A middle seat in a coach cabin is awful, so window and aisle pax need to contribute to the middle guy’s well-being.

  5. I always give up the armrest to the middle seat since I can lean left or right if in the aisle/window. I’m almost always window and lean up against the side of the plane to give the middle seat as much room as I can. Of course even giving them an extra 5 inches into my seat they always seem to still elbow me in the side.

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