Passengers Forced To Walk To Chicago O’Hare As Anti-Israel Protestors Block Roadways

There are huge traffic disruptions today enroute to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport because anti-Israel protestors, including some celebrating Iranian missile launches, blocked passengers reaching the airport. All lanes of Interstate 190 west between Bessie Coleman Drive and O’Hare, and on the Kennedy Expressway near the terminals, had stopped.

Videos show passengers abandoning vehicles on the highway and walking to the airport. Chicago and Illinois police are on scene to manage traffic jams but not to address illegal activity in preventing people from traveling. However some traffic lanes have just re-opened, while delays persist. The airport advised passengers to take the CTA Blue Line.

Meanwhile, “Self-described anti-war activists in Chicago cheered after learning that Iran had launched hundreds of drones and missiles at Israel on Saturday.” It’s easy to square ‘anti-war’ with ‘cheer the launch of missiles’ just replace ‘war’ with ‘Jew’.

(HT: @crucker)

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  1. It’s Chicago. Don’t expect any of them to be held accountable. How many of them you think are here legally? This is the kind of stuff that has people going over to support Trump.

  2. Scum of the earth. They need to be asked to leave this country. Their beliefs are incompatible with our society.

  3. Lawlessness and disruption of other people lives, what a great way to get support for your cause. They should be locked up, this should never be allowed. Go protest elsewhere, leave the roads for what they are intended!

  4. “Celebrating” an attack where the only casualties were a 7 year old Arab girl and Iran’s offensive credibility, and the only winners were Raytheon and Boeing. These fools may need to read up a bit on the attack’s outcome.

  5. Pointy headed 4th grade teacher/mayor/moron does nothing about it. At what point will people say enough in this joke of a city. I remember Chicago and NYC before these lunatics took over. They have done so much damage in such a short time.

  6. This has happened in NYC. You would think every major city would have plans in place to deal with these vermin (and yes, anyone supporting Hamas and Iran are vermin). Then, they should load all of these vermin on buses and planes and then buses to Gaza.

  7. bring in water cannons. spray them off the roads with high power water cannons. no one gets hurt…the roads get cleared!

  8. Police do the will of the state…they do not enforce law or Constitutional rights….they just do what their bossy boss says to do up to and including taking away the rights of citizens while allowing crime to go unchecked right in front of them….it has now happened for more than a decade …I’ve noticed it back when Obama was President…maybe people will see this and realize the fix we are really in. If anyone thought police wouldn’t be used to disarm citizens, or take them into custody for their thoughts or words …while those protected by the establishment get to do why they want…think Portland, Seattle …think twice.

  9. Yikes. Was just there a week ago. Took a Lyft with a young Algerian born guy who was chatty and found he had the following two pearls of wisdom (he probably felt more comfortable because I’m not American?):
    1. Hitler was basically not a bad guy
    2. Bin Laden – there was never such a person. It’s all a fabrication.

  10. Sickening! Why is this not against the law?
    They’ve also closed down the Golden Gste Bridge!! Lock them up!

  11. Enough is enough.!! Start by spray painting them with smelly indelible paint so they can be easily I’d for later prosecution. Then bring in very high-powered water cannons to wash this scum into the gutters where dozens of paddy wagons can cart their sorry ***** off to a rotten jail. As is becoming the norm in Europe motorists are taking this into their own hands and bodily removing these numbskulls or, better still, just running over them.

  12. Just shoot them all! After all that is what their idols (Hamas) would do. Zero sympathy. Get out of the US and go back to your s hole Muslim country.

  13. If O’Hara had ANY common sense, they’ve have seen vehicles to pick people up on the other side and transport them to the terminal.

    Some large deicing trucks would have been a nice touch.

  14. Water cannons, tear gas, and rubber bullets. The right to protest does not give the right to block public thoroughfares, destroy property, or harm others. The Democrats turn a blind eye if the protesters are their voters. These people hate America and should not even be here, it is the same as renouncing your citizenship.

  15. Great job of moderating the comments Gary. Lots of people advocating for shooting, running over or deporting people for blocking roadways. Seems like you must be in support of the same things if you aren’t removing racist comments advocating violence.

  16. Come on! Just say “Don’t”.
    How can it be a problem to harass travelers and block roadways when our government feels it doesn’t need to react to Iran firing over 300 flying bombs? This is the new normal.

  17. It is not that complicated. These big city democrats totally support the protesters And have ordered the police to not just stand down, but to prevent anyone from removing them. You get what you vote for

  18. @Dude26: most people don’t know that Palestinian leaders supported Hitler during WW2; of course, their impotence (then as now) prevented them doing anything that might have helped the Nazis.

    We can be thankful, so far, that these Palestinian mobs haven’t hauled Jews out of their cars and beaten them, or committed terrorist acts in the USA.

  19. Actions like this = the silent majority of voters switching to Trump in 3,2,1…

  20. Yeah, all we need is the wanna be dictator Chump who is a successful fraudster. Such racist fools on this site. My suggestion for you Chump whiners is to leave the country as in take up residence somewhere else. Let’s go Chump!

  21. With Chicago letting this behavior, they should change the name from O’Hara to San Francisco…

  22. Not a fan of access to the airports being shut down by protesters, but the publicly advocacy for violence against unarmed Americans ought be called out as being a call for terrorism. A sign of how backwards the political culture and how low the level of public civility has become is that instead of an orderly dispersal of protesters violating the law, a bunch of thugs call for illegal violence against unarmed civilians.

  23. Getting to ORD by road from the city is often complete mayhem even without protesters blocking roads. Smart travelers who aren’t stupid snobs know the CTA works well enough to get to the airport more reliably than the roads serving ORD.

  24. @GU … yep … I have always taken the train , which is not the easiest for the disabled , but worth it .

  25. If there are any Lawmakers there with half a brain and maybe a little courage, how about passing a law that Protesters be prohibited from holding their protests in Public Roadways for the safety and well being of themselves and those using the roadway. What kind of an empty headed individual goes into a heavily traveled roadway and sits down, marches, lays down or otherwise blocks the public roadway and access to the airport. And, how do they know, or do they care that that vehicle they are stopping is not triggered enough to just plow on through. Mayor Johnson should resign, be impeached or be locked up somewhere before he destroys more of the city. Hope all those who missed their flights today can band together or go separately to bring Suit against the City and Mayor for allowing this to go on.

  26. While I certainly don’t agree with blocking the roads to an airport, the hatred, anger, and advocating of violence in many of these comments is sickening.

  27. BBK,

    For most of my life, Arab-Americans and most foreign-born Muslim Americans used to be reliable Republican voters. They still aren’t reliable Democratic voters. And they are likely to cost Biden/the Democrats the White House when Biden likely loses MI and maybe also WI, NV and FL because they aren’t reliable Democratic voters. It wouldn’t surprise me if Biden barely eeks out a win in MN or even loses MN too.

  28. Vibes vs facts… looking into the details of the event:

    Protesters were not on the road. They were well off the road on the sidewalk. Public protest is legal (except in Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas, of course, due to the SC action on Mckesson v. Doe).

    The POLICE SUVs parked on the road, blocking traffic, were the reason people could not get into the airport.

    Supposedly, the parked very tall SUVs in the road were there to protect the protesters.

    I would venture to say, by some comments by furious keyboard warriors here, the parked SUVs caused exactly the opposite effect.

  29. @Zebraitis

    The protesters were very much blocking the 190 turnoff. The Police and emergency vehicles were subsequently called in and their vehicles deployed separate the protesters and the motorists so the frustrated normal people wouldn’t take matters into their own hands.

    Know what you are talking about before commenting!

  30. OK, how about this. Protesting is OK, blockihg traffic is not. I don’t care which side of the Gaza or other issue you are on.

  31. @Sosongblue – I stand corrected.
    I was sidetracked and commented on the L A protest.
    You are right, the did block Chicago.

  32. @Ronni “Why is this not against the law?”

    It IS. But good luck getting the leftist DemocRats to enforce it.

  33. Even in California it is against the law to block a highway or bridge. Reports I heard, were that a very few people were arrested at most of these synchronized events around the country. However, the Soros doctrine will dictate all, or most, will be turned lose with no consequences in a matter of a few hours. There is no deterrence in this, just like there was no deterrence when a Dutch judge let the slimeball that damaged a priceless painting as part of a climate protest off a few weeks ago. These people are breaking the law. They are protesting in support of terrorist. They are preventing other people from going about their lives in a normal manner. Immigrants have long maintained ethnic and cultural traditions associated with where they immigrated from, but they were loyal to their new home. Italian and German Americans signed up to fight for the US during WWII. Many of these immigrants today hate America and are only here for the economic benefits. They march chanting Death to America and waving the flags of Hezbollah and Hamas. Of course, they are joined in the streets by home grown haters of America, brainwashed in our education system and in our institutions of so called higher learning. Yes, they have their right to support terrorist, protest, and hate America but they can do their protest in some venue where they do not block people from enjoying their rights. If it takes water cannons, rubber bullets, and tear gas to be a deterrence, so be it. The alternative is chaos and anarchy, at which point the people really will standup and take matters into their own hands.

  34. I think they were just excited because someone said new boosters were available at O’hare today!?! Come get your 5th booster dumb dumbs.

  35. People’s right to protest is great. But please don’t block roads and cause other people harm, and please don’t storm the Capitol and cause our nation harm.

  36. Is it true that the complete halt of road traffic to ORD was only around 20 minutes? Doesn’t sound so terribly bad then given some of the ridiculously slow drives I’ve had to ORD over the decades.

  37. Bob,

    Those Italian and German immigrants came to the US for easier money and were also benefiting from the land and other natural resource assets that were first that of the “brown people” who make up the indigenous people of the Americas — and those indigenous-origin peoples include a huge proportion of the “illegal immigrants” coming into the US from across the US-Mexico border.

  38. Better off exiting on Manheim to the newer garage and taking the People Mover from the newer garage if 190 is blocked. 190 is always a mess.

  39. Yes, blocking roads is illegal. But causing discomfort for privileged people is kind of the point of protest. No one gets bent out of shape when all the unionized white people at European airports pick a day and shut down transportation. If it only bothers you when brown people do it, we know what your real issue is.

    Advocating lethal response to inconvenience action is disgusting.

  40. If Hamas calculated risk/reward carefully, and didn’t attack Israel and kidnap, we wouldn’t be in this, they wouldn’t be in this. When Palestine outlaws homosexuality, you know, Karma’s a bitch?

    Everytime they disrupt people’s lives by protests or strikes, I get only more hatred towards them, not sympathy.

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