Passengers Questioned by FBI After Woman Who Wouldn’t Sit Down Attacks Flight Attendant

American Airlines flight AA218 from Atlanta to Chicago on Wednesday was delayed several hours when a woman attacked a flight attended while the aircraft taxied on departure.

The passenger reportedly hit a flight attendant after arguing when she wouldn’t sit down.

After the flight attendant was said to have been hit, a passenger who says he was hit as well took cell phone video of the altercation.

It was not clear what sparked the cacophony, but the woman can be heard several times on the video saying someone threw water in her face. Passengers and staff shout at the woman, who is seen in a blue dress and carrying a small dog, to sit down.

“You’re gonna get us killed, lady!” a man is heard yelling as the woman paces the aisle.

Some of the language on the video from other passengers frustrated because they want to go home is… not safe for work:

After flight crew decide the plane is going back to the terminal, other passengers are exasperated but the woman — finally seated — plugs her earphones into her seat back entertainment system.

The FBI held the flight for several hours while they questioned several passengers. The woman wasn’t charged and she was re-booked to fly on Thursday.

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  1. It’s interesting to observe at least one of the flight attendants was of the same ethnicity. I’m wondering if our passenger with dog and tattoo was initially cut sack prior to he situation getting out of hand out of hand. It reminds me of a situation at State Univ. at Albany (NY) about a year ago..

  2. I long for the days when flying was a privilege…. people dressed nicely and used good manners, they showed up to the airport for a trip with pride. Now, sadly, it’s like the greyhound bus meets Jerry Springer show.

  3. She also let her Emotional Support Dog run through the aisles.

    She’s obviously unstable. Why was she allowed to fly again? She’s a lot more dangerous than a drunk.

  4. If you can’t function in life without a canine wet nurse, you shouldn’t even be allow in a taxi. While, obviously, there are those who do need legitimate assistance that only an animal can provide, the majority are nutjobs. They should only be allowed to travel as cargo.

    As it is, it’s like AtlantAnne stated: Greyhound meets Jerry Springer.

  5. Events like this where there are no repercussions for the instigator just encourage more “bus/subway” like behavior. I agree with earlier commenter that flights are becoming more like bus rides with the added aggravation that you are trapped in a seat and can’t move or get off the bus until the final stop.. I guess there are no panhandlers yet.

  6. Assaulted a flight attendant and another passenger, removed, then allowed to fly on a later flight. Alrighty, then.

  7. This is the ugly legacy of Obama’s politics of racial division married to the tsunami of narcissistic, self-absorbed, entitled passengers cheerled by David Dao. These people think they don’t have to follow lawful orders, and anyone who makes them do something they don’t want to do is a racist or a lawsuit defendant.

  8. @Mike, you’re an idiot. I’d love to read your response if you wore blackface for a week or two. But you’d probably be pulled over for a broken taillight, reach for your ID, and be murdered by yet another cop who claimed he feared for his life (the proverbial “get out of jail” card for American cops everywhere. Or be taken to jail where all-of-a-sudden you’d come down with suicidal tendencies.

    Mike, do some real reading and research. There might still be hope for you?

  9. Typical liberal, socialist, Democrat attitude: Ridicule and verbally abuse anyone who disagrees with you, unless you can find them on the street and physically assault them as a “fascist.”

    Before you call me an idiot again, please know I have an IQ of 140, graduated Magna Cum Laude from an Ivy League college, graduated in the upper part of my class at the #3 law school in the US, and, unlike you, an anonymous internet troll engaging in name-calling, I use my real name here.

    The person who wrote above that the passenger in the video is the reason Donald Trump is President was oversimplistic, but did hit the nail on the head about her and your attitude.

  10. Mike, I’m in awe of your accomplishments, mostly the one that compels you to respond to use loosers who reads them words from the Mr. Gary

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