Passengers Who Joined Mile High Club Are Mocked Over the Loudspeaker

On a flight from Paris to Stockholm flight crew made an announcement when two passengers joined the Mile High Club.

The cabin crew member used the aircraft’s loudspeaker to ‘congratulate’ the lovebirds who were ‘reproducing’ on the two-hour flight from Paris to Stockholm.

A woman who was on flight DY4314 said passengers cheered and burst into fits of laughter when they learned two of their fellow travellers were joining the mile high club.

…’We can confirm there was an incident on board a recent flight from Paris to Stockholm involving two passengers.
‘Whilst we appreciate that Paris is the city of love, we expect passengers to refrain from this type of behaviour on board.’

Two funny things about this incident.

  • The announcement was made in Swedish, and the couple joining the mile high club didn’t speak Swedish.

  • This happened on Norwegian Air rather than a carrier with a reasonable-sized lavatory.

  • This is a European low cost carrier, and the passengers weren’t required to pay any extra fees.

Singapore A380 Suites and Emirates first class both would seem to afford more space for this sort of activity. And a more discrete environment than a low cost carrier’s lavatory. Although no doubt they didn’t need more than a short flight to accomplish their objectives.

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  1. Bill Clintom did it under a desk in the Ocal Office, what is the big deal,,it has also been done in a Cesna 150,,,

  2. My wife and I are booked in First on an Emirates A380 SFO-DXB this winter. Where do you recommend having conjugal relations: bathroom, shower suite, or on the lie-flat bed? Are there likely to be any repercussions, such as canceling our subsequent DXB-SIN tickets? (serious inquiry, actually.)

  3. I am surprised you didn’t list this item under your “News” feature. I love how you loosely define “News.”

  4. The people on low cost carriers and in coach are almost always better looking and certainly more fun. Having flown in both for man years I have to say that J class is full of old ugly prudes. Oh and on the ME3, except for the ex pat Australian or Spanish crew members live in such fear that they are no fun at all. Not that the old battleship brods on AA Delta or UA are very nice either.

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