Pay to Access Lufthansa’s First Class Lounges & 59 People Arrested for Using Boarding Passes, Not Flying

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  1. Dear Lord!
    After US3 badmouthing ME3, now Boeing badmouthing Bombardier?
    What is wrong with american nowdays????? Why in the world you fell so low????

  2. that LH first class lounge at Munchen, is a nice lounge, enjoyed a few very tasty courses with family in April, nice fillet mignons, and wine. freshly squeezed juices for the kids.

    and it was pleasantly quiet, maybe only another half dozen guests when we were there.

    hope they try to maximise utility, and lose some of the quiet, and relaxed ambience for those coughing up the dollars or points for F.

  3. It’s possibly more that American companies now feel empowered to speak up and try to get trade laws enforced. A publicly traded airline does have huge trouble competing with a flag carrier that gets huge government support to keep them afloat.

    Boeing does appear to be abusing trade rules. I don’t know if they are being unloaded below cost but
    I do love the sound of that new plane. Boeing isn’t materially affected so it does seem unnecessary to try and provoke a trade dispute.

    There’s no need to question the entirety of America here.

  4. Hubbing in the Middle East was NEVER a great advantage; it was just described as such by people drinking the subsidized kool-aid. All bad business plans ultimately collapse, even subsidized ones — because EVERYONE (even shiekhs) eventually run out of money.

    But claiming that the US airlines are fighting “the last battle” is just another silly comment about this issue from this website. Doug Parker always said the Middle East airlines would falter, on their own, but since nobody could tell when the money would run out, he had to protect his shareholder and employee’s interests by protesting their improper business practices. The reality is that there is only commercial demand for one Persian Gulf airline, and that airline should probably be 1/4 the size of the current total capacity.

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