People Are Flying Home From Vacation With Covid, And It’s Ruining Relationships

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  1. So how many of those NPR listeners who traveled with COVID when it impacted THEM spent the last 2 years virtue signaling with everyone else?

  2. @ Ann — Ever had a cold sore or fever blister? Well, then you have herpes, too. So do the MAJORITY of American adults. Try not to be so ignorant.

  3. @Don – it used to, we’re still vaccinating against the ancestral Wuhan strain of the virus despite significant mutations. Sadly our public health bureaucracy has slow-walked updates to the vaccines and slow-tracked intranasal pan-coronavirus vaccines.

  4. AMTRAK needs to quit selling train trips when there is no train involved. Friend and I spent $5k on Seattle to Vancouver BC package with beautiful coastal views. Train had not run for 2+ years…….filthy bus took us through farmland! Absolute rip-off!!! Beware!!!

  5. Everyone has their own opinion/say when to fly, and when not to fly when contracting covid, except those with their own opinions don’t offer to pay for a place to quarantine. Ask my friends AND family. When I contracted covid, they all insisted I stay put. Except when I asked them to contribute towards my extended Hyatt bill, EVERY ONE stayed silent. I withhold comment whether Patty offered to pay for a place for her ex to quarantine.

  6. I know 3 people who went to Europe recently for vacation. 2 got Covid. One was really sick and might have long Covid. The other felt really bad but got better. The 3rd didn’t get sick. I know, small sample size, but gives me food for thought.

  7. Amtrak may not work outside dense NE, but proper high speed rail (not Amtrak’s proposal) could cut that Nashville to Atlanta trip down to less than 2 hours, which when factoring taxi time, time to airport, reliability esp during storms etc becomes more competitive. Of course that involves an enormous amount of infrastructure spending that may not be worthwhile considering the air alternative.

  8. This dude will be better off without Patty. Good for him for dumping her sorry ass.

  9. What your TikTok says about you? – When your filters are turned on too high, it just screams “fake”. And speaking of fake – why is one fake boob bigger than the other?

  10. 5x Vaxxed and triple mask alone in Patty’s car ?
    Probably even her dog left her….lol

  11. The ignorance from your readers explains why Donald Trump won once and will run again. So glad I left the cesspool the US has become.

  12. @Gavin

    Why should your friends or (non-immediate) family have to pay for the consequences of you taking a risk in traveling?

  13. The amazing selfishness exhibited in the comments by your readers is an excellent indication of why the US has a high rate of Covid. People still die from it. The low estimate for the upcoming fall/winder is a quarter million and the high exceeds 1 million. People who have Covid, go out and spread it to others are killing other people.

  14. BA. 5 is simply more infectious and everyone will be getting it sooner or later. Right now 7-day average of Covid cases in the USA is 128,601 vs. just 31,807 exactly 1 year ago. And pharma companies are happy to sell the government available vaccines whether they are working or not.

  15. @Patty the reference to Herpes is obviously genital Herpes (Herpes 2) not the Type 1 which the entire population is exposed to and 80% have and get cold sores (20% are immune) you missed the reference.

  16. @Patty and @Marriott Marty. I thought it was Herpes Simplex 10.

    Bonus points for catching the reference.

  17. Just took Amtrak from Albany to Toronto. This should be the type of flagship transportation that Amtrak can build its reputation on. The Maple Leaf train runs from NYC to Toronto, so the largest two urban areas in USA and Canada, and the trip up through the Hudson Valley and across Niagara is very picturesque.

    Instead, we got unexplained delays, very tired worn out cars, dirty toilets, terrible food, and surly employees. Felt like I was traveling business class on an East European airline before the Soviet Union fell. Amtrak? Never again.

  18. @Vv: why must my friends and family members decide to tell me how to live my life? DO I tell you what to do with yours?

  19. Chick is well rid of the worthless POS. He probably came back with STD’s as well.

  20. @Gavin

    Oh, sorry. I mistook you for someone who wants to do the responsible thing but just couldn’t afford it.

    Thanks for clarifying that you’re just selfish.

  21. Gary, regarding Amtrak:
    I have been in the UK and Ireland for a month. Apart from flying to London, and my flight tomorrow from Dublin, I have covered hundreds (have not even calculated yet) of miles and four countries all on trains. Not a problem. One schedule changed, I rebooked on my phone, easier and better, with no issue. One small delay. This is out of myriad train trips. Book the same day, walk on, change on a whim–they refund you if they are late at a certain point. We have no concept and it’s sad. I mean, I have used train travel in other countries, but never as extensively as I have this past month to go long distances. It’s as easy as it is to use the L in Chicago–but cleaner and nicer (and I am actually a huge fan of the L). This whole 2035 junk is a joke. I can’t even change my AA flight on my app 90% of the time if I want–let alone travel first class from England to Scotland for roughly $100 USD.

  22. If airlines were ever required to pay for their environmental destruction, rail would be a competitive, and much cleaner alternative. Just saying.

  23. Patty, congrats on being rid of a block head, and @Ann, you’re not the ignorant one. That off my mind, I’d add that the situation is more nuanced than previously. Vaccination is available and while not preventing infection, those who are vaccinated are less sick, less likely to need hospitalization or a morgue. On the other hand, whether a person with known Covid should travel would depend on their vigilance in preventing spread. I’m sure for every one of them, there are several undiagnosed cases, any one of whom may be sitting next to you on your flight. If you’ve chosen to not be vaccinated and you get infected, that’s on you. If you’re infected with a fever and you’re coughing and sneezing, you’re an ass if you fly. If you’re mildly symptomatic and surprised by a positive covid test, I’d say wear an N95, or at least a surgical mask (NOT cloth), and do everything in your power not to share your virus. That means no eating or drinking on the flight, hand sanitizer, etc. Good excuse to don your Boses and ignore your seatmate. This guidance is similar to that given to my Emergency Medicine group, the members of which are getting infected at a rate much higher than the initial pandemic. So, no fever, minimal symptoms, and feeling well enough, we are expected to show up with PPE. Masking always was about protecting the other guy. Too bad it got so political.

  24. Kathy, thanks for setting the block heads straight on vaccines. If the were able to read (which obviously they can’t) they would know no health care worker has claimed immunity from covid due to get a shot in the arm. Only saying they likely will have a mild case if they are affected. Or it will prevent going to the hospital. Not having to be ventilated or any of the awful parts of having the virus.

  25. “My disappointment led him to rent a car and drive home instead of flying. Yay!” What a wimp!

    “But he ghosted me, and then dumped me. Boo! We’ve since talked. But yeah, we’re broken up.” Redeemed himself.

    “…it used to, we’re still vaccinating against the ancestral Wuhan strain…” No, they did not. Gary can’t seem to help himself. He’s fully aware that the experimental gene therapies are an abject failure and yet his pride won’t allow him to admit it. Unfortunately, not only have they failed to stop transmission or protect those who received the jab, but the evidence is now showing they are susceptible to serious side effects, more significant symptoms, and a greater chance of death from Covid. Wow, they’re a rousing “success”.

  26. Turo only made sense when demand greatly exceeded supply. Otherwise it makes zero sense for 3 reasons:

    (1) Insurance – Typically credit card CDW coverage and personal auto policies DO NOT cover Turo. Turo insurance adds 30% or more to the cost of a typical rental, making it uncompetitive.

    (2) Potential for False Claims – Similar to Uber barf claims it is easy for a Turo lender to claim damage to the car and automatically charge your account. Good luck getting that money back much less customer service from Turo. Of course normal rental agencies can do this too but it is easier to protect yourself and also easier to do charge back or alternatively to obtain coverage from your credit card.

    (3) Cancellation policy – as Gary notes above Turo lenders can cancel your reservation at any time leaving you stranded. While normal rental agencies can do this too, I have never had it happen to me in 100s of rentals.

    Some people like Turo because they can rent exotic cars. For me it’s just a PITA unless it’s the sole option.

  27. @James, would gladly review the evidence of which you speak. Sure does not match what I’ve been seeing

  28. Patty, Ann and Kathy are a perfect example of why women shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

  29. Two years ago I had severe covid. My wife was there all the way, determined to help any way she could. I might be dead if not for her. Patty did not pass this test.

  30. Glad you left the country Ray. No big loss for anyone in the US. Feel sorry for the residents of you’re new country. Patty is just another attention seeking Karen. She deserved to get dumped.

  31. @ Kathy. The “evidence” of which you speak really depends on where you have been seeing it. I think we can all agree that MSM is not a valid source (they exclusively sell fear) and CDC, Fauci and Pharma are becoming more and more unreliable.
    Being of the unwashed (unvaccinated but not unwise), it’s disappointing that those who attempted to shame us into taking the gene therapy shot will travel in a Covid incubator at FL350 when they test positive.(And if you think the air is adequately exchanged and filtered, wait until a pax brings Indian curry meal or a dirty diaper change in your seating area).
    @ C_M. thanks, had to check back on that. Attractive addition regardless.

  32. @Koggerj. LOL, you’re a brave guy. No “soup” for you! I once told a “stewardess” (it was a long time ago) that with a little more training she would make adequate domestic help. While joking, it didn’t go over well. No “soup” for me!

  33. If you can’t afford to quarantine if you test positive while on vacation then maybe you shouldn’t be traveling during a pandemic, instead of needlessly putting others at risk. Some people are soo selfish.

  34. if you travel with flu is okay, covid not???
    Besides who are you to tell him what to do, are you his mom

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