Picking the Right Singapore Suites Flight

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  1. How do I get 2 saver seats in Singapore Suites to or from the US? I’ve checked numerous times from close in to end of schedule to no avail.

  2. The limousine libs at NYT are laughably now arguing that flying is OK only so they can continue their globetrotting with a clear conscience while still spouting off about climate change.

    The reality is that an even more powerful argument can be made for building coal plants in developing countries. An efficient modern coal plant provides cheap, reliable baseload energy, day or night, wind or no wind, that billions of people need to lift themselves out of poverty. It also allows cooking without cutting down forests for fuel, or using coal stoves…both of which are much worse for the environment than a coal power plant. But the NYT doesn’t care about that, they just want to justify their own carbon footprint.

  3. Not sure why this job would be considered cool (as opposed to any other job at CBP), but whatever floats your boat. Well maybe the arresting anybody for anything part of the job might be useful.

    Protect your nation while fulfilling your passion. Join U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Air and Marine Operations (AMO), and become an Air Interdiction Agent (pilot).

    AIAs are credentialed law enforcement officers who pilot airplanes, helicopters, and unmanned aircraft. They detect, track, and intercept people, aircraft, vessels, and contraband at and beyond our border and within the nation’s interior. AMO agents have a broad range of authorities that enable them to transcend land, air, and sea domains and jurisdictions, providing continuity to enforcement efforts. They are authorized to carry firearms, obtain and serve search warrants, subpoena and summons, conduct investigations, and make arrests for any offense committed in their presence and make felony arrests without warrant.

    AMO offers AIAs (pilots) a stable career, a competitive salary (new 35% Special Salary Rate has been approved, see below for additional information), federal health benefits, and law enforcement 6(c) retirement coverage. AIA (pilot) positions for new-hires are available in Sierra Vista, AZ; Grand Forks, ND; Laredo, TX; McAllen, TX; San Angelo, TX; and Aguadilla, PR (25% recruitment incentive for PR, Caribbean Air and Marine Branch).

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