Pilot Loses His Cool During 7 Hour Delay: “I Don’t Need This” “Who Wants To Get Off?”

Once again supporting the maxim that you never want to fly a Bill Franke airline, a Wizz Air pilot began shouting at passengers traveling from London Gatwick to Larnaca, Cyprus during a 7 hour delay today.

In a TikTok video viewed a couple million times, “several passengers [were] standing in the aisles chatting before the pilot gave them a stern talking to.”

The pilot can be heard over the tannoy sternly telling the passengers: “Show of hands please, who wants to get off? We won’t be going tonight if you get off.

“You know, I don’t need this, the crew doesn’t need this. We are doing what we can to get you out of here.

The passenger who took the video declares, “Ryan air would never.” However many people watching the video sympathize with the pilot who lost his composure.

“There’s only so much aggro you can take from entitled customers, they are humans too,” another said.

A third wrote: “Oh bless him though!! You can hear the pain in his voice! He wanted to get going as much as every1 else, must b hard to have every1 moaning at you!” (sic).

“To be fair, I’m on his side!! He’s probably extremely stressed and the crew are exhausted!!” a fourth shared.

According to the airline, they “sincerely apologize” for the inconvenience of the delay of flight W95749, from Gatwick to Larnaca, which they blame on late arriving aircraft and air traffic control. They do not, however, apologize for the pilot – who, if he ever tires of flying for Wizz Air- likely has a future with the Delta Air Lines social media team.

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  1. That’s why you always come prepared with your own food and drinks and some music downloaded to your cellphone. Because crap happens.

  2. Does anyone really think the pilot lost his cool? No problem with anything said. I would not have said he was shouting like the video and the blog post state.

    Was in a situation where it became very clear the pilot was being given inaccurate or at least incomplete information by operations. He made multiple announcements saying the second pilot was on their way and was expected any minute. When that pilot never showed up lots of people were upset with him, and not operations who were likely the ones telling him the second pilot was on their way. He made a mistake in boarding the flight without the full crew but was trying to be efficient. I guess that’s why people are unwilling to take risks for efficiency.

  3. Do you truly believe he was shouting and losing his control?

    I just don’t see that.

  4. Another misleading post – I heard no shouting, just a pilot willing to allow others to deplane if they wish. Quit with the “clickbait”, misleading titles. You should be better than that.

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