Planeload Of Maskless ‘Influencers’ Banned By Airline After Vaping And Drinking Their Own Alcohol

A plane filled with ‘maskless social media influencers’ was traveling from Montreal to Cancun. The group got raucous in the aisles, drinking their own alcohol and vaping against aviation regulations. The Canadian government is investigating the passengers, and Sunwing cancelled their return charter flight and banned the group, after video from inside the aircraft circulated on social media.

The group was also dancing and taking selfies while roaming around the aircraft while Flight attendants reportedly “hid away from” these passengers.

Passengers in one video could be soon sharing a large bottle of Grey Goose vodka; in another, they took turns speaking to passengers over the plane’s intercom system.

A group called 111 Private Club took credit for the party on Instagram, the Toronto Star reported. The group’s social media account includes video footage of passengers cheering and screaming.

Canada’s Transportation Minister has ordered an investigation.

According to Canadian leisure airline Sunwing, the group “was unruly and contravened several Canadian aviation regulations as well as public health regulations.”

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  1. French canadians and “influencers” nothing good can come out of the conbination if the two biggest asshole groups

  2. Quite possible these irresponsible folks might very well have “influenced” each other to contract Covid, either (or both) to test the theory of “natural immunity” among herds of stupid and over-hormoned mammals and/or to snub their collective noses at “social responsibility”.

    No matter the/their eventual outcome one thing is clear, every one of them is in the running for the January 2022 “Darwin Awards”.

  3. It was a charter flight. They were having fun. People drinking and partying is normal on a charter flight. Everything you hear from the media and globalist governments about Covid is propaganda.

  4. I hope the Canadian government tracks everyone of them down, fines and/or ails them, makes their names public so all airlines will steer away from them again. I was once on a flight from London Heathrow to Newark when a bunch of rowdy Irishmen and their girl friends were getting drunk, yelling and getting into fights. Upon land ICE showed up hauled them off to the cheers of all the other passengers and deported them back to Ireland. Too bad Mexico didn’t do the same thing.

  5. Really conflicted on this one.

    No masks, no fear, and enjoying a drink with friends should be the norm on all flights.

    But it does look like it would have disturbed anyone who might have been trying to work or nap.

  6. The Canadian government will do nothing. An apology by the french slobs and all is forgiven. That is the Canadian liberal way.

  7. So if this is a charter flight, what is the big deal about doing this on a plane vs. in a club on land?

  8. Dear Ms. Fisher – thank you for your scientific insight into the pandemic. I think to need to contact the husband of Kelly Enrby and share your insights.

  9. Being liquored up in preparation for those infamous lines at MIA probably can’t hurt. The pandemic has turned MIA into an airport Fight Club.

  10. @Doug.. so true. Sad but true. They should be banned from flying and locked in a Mexican jail.

  11. They wouldnt be influencers if there werent enough idiots nowadays to “influence”.
    Get to the root of the problem.

  12. Oh my God..these I have to assume are intelligent individuals but are acting like idiots. How irresponsible… how in the hell did they manage to get the alcohol pass security…if these people are suppose to be influencers…we are definitely in a lot of trouble.

  13. Turn the aircraft around back to Canada, de-plane with police waiting and prosecute for the number of violations. Simple.

  14. I can’t wait for “influencers” to be a thing of the past. I’ve been in marketing for over 30 years and these people are paid thousands to pitch your product. I can’t stand working with them, they are either trash or spoiled brats. More stories showing who they truly are will quicken their demise.

  15. @ Robert kasher. Mexico kept them, that is their punishment, they are working the farms there

    The airline should have dropped them off at the nearest airport, like in Mississippi, and flew back to Montreal with their luggage in the hold still and told them, YOU FIND YOUR WAY HOME.

  16. On a charter flight, they are partying amongst themselves.
    I don’t see the problem other than not being onboard getting lit and smashing a few clueless canucks.

  17. Yes let’s commence the ethnic stereotyping because all Québécois are slobs and French speaking people in general suck, obviously.

    If you haven’t gathered that human beings in general have a universal ability to be horrible, and that social media really brings some of the worst to the surface… it’s cheap to just make some ignorant anti-French Canadian comments.

    And no, I’m not PC And can appreciate jokes made in jest but this wasn’t intended to be funny. You can be better than that. Grow the hell up, stop discriminating, and spread that hate to ALL of the Good Lord’s children.

  18. SUNWING is to be held responsible here! The CAPTAIN is the master on board any flight and the captain has the responsibility to make sure violations to safety and law do not happen as in the instant case! And, unless otherwise instructed by SUNWING (did the captain notify his superiors about this situation?), the captain should have taken immediate action to land the aircraft at the nearest airport and have the lawbreakers arrested!

  19. @Joey
    Not all french people suck, but ALL quebecois suck
    In a nutshell, they are arrogant pieces of shit…
    With the exception of maple syrup nothing good ever came out of quebec

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