Please Cast Your Ironic Vote for View from the Wing!

Chrstopher Elliott is running a poll about the best travel blog. Somewhat surprisingly, I’m nominated.

Now, I can’t imagine actually winning a best blog award voted on by his readers. Goodness knows he and I have had our disagreements in the past, and our audiences – who our writings are likely to appeal to – probably differ greatly. (Although it should be said, despite those differences I do think he does a good job advocating for consumers trapped inside of travel provider bureaucracies.)

The top vote getters have about 10 times the number of votes that this blog has so far.

But I’d love to at least come out ahead of Peter Greenberg.

So please consider voting for View from the Wing! If only because it would be deliciously ironic.

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  1. Done! You’re up to 47 votes… with 3 more votes View from Wing may surpass “View from the Middle Seat” (whatever that means)

  2. View from the middle seat? that’s probably meant for:

    1. infrequent fliers who aren’t enrolled in any programs
    2. Delta frequent fliers after the changes to SkyMiles

  3. Gary,

    I can’t believe you actually care about winning an award from Chris Elliott.

    That said, some of his readers do think he misses the mark with his ff rants.

  4. Love it – saw this yesterday and thought it would be irony at its best – that’s right, Dan, Irony, but I agree with you, Dan, that CE is the one of the worse. I don’t understand why the Wa Post uses him except it’s the Wa Post #Fail.

    I just voted and ur up to 3rd right now.

  5. This is too funny. I couldn’t resist so I took my class to the computer lab and all my 30 students voted for you… you’re in 1st place for now at least.

  6. Ok folks, one vote per person 🙂 i’ve already been threatened with disqualification…! [although having said that, i suppose you could get me disqualified if you DON’T like me by voting for me 500 times or something, and if you have nothing better to do than that … 🙂 ]

  7. Well, given how I feel about Elloitt, I had to vote for you. You were second to “AK on the Go.” WTF?

  8. You’re in first and pulling away now. Actually I’m not familiar with most of those other blogs. I may look into a couple. They’re probably in a different travel space than the ones I usually follow, but there could be some useful stuff. I too am surprised you’d be nominated.

  9. “Ok folks, one vote per person 🙂 i’ve already been threatened with disqualification…! ”

    So they threaten to disqualify you because *their* voting software allows more than one vote per person? Or because your readers are knowledgeable enough to know that they can vote multiple times via different browsers and devices? I don’t see how that is your fault. I’m sure other blog’s have readers who do the same?

    Anyway if they have problems with duplicate votes that should be a lesson to themselves that they need to learn more about voting software and maybe use a third party tool that will limit duplicate voting.

  10. Easy to vote for you as you are the only blogger I read on a regular basis. Used to read Lucky, Daraius and Mommy Points as well but not anymore. Thanks for all you do.

  11. trying to cast a deliciously ironic vote 🙂 but im travelling, my internet sucks, and the darned voting page wont open properly… :(.

    ironic lol, if i’d been home you’d have 4 more votes (one on each browser lol). i’ll keep trying and see if i can get the page to open properly…

  12. I just voted at the exact cut-off time – 3PM EST on Nov 17! How’s that for timing? Looks like you are 1st place out of 4,303 votes! Congrats and thanks for all you do!

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