Police Body Cam Footage Of Passenger Removed From Delta Flight, Back At The Station Gets.. Interesting

In an incident which appears to have occurred at the end of January, police bodycam footage has been shared online of an officer removing a passenger from a Delta flight prior to departure over mask non-compliance.

Usually we see cell phone video from other passengers of someone being taken off the plane. Rarely do we see what happens before that – the discussion between officer and cabin crew – or after, when the passenger is back in the police vehicle or finally at the police station.

In this video you’ll watch a passenger getting removed from a Delta flight, from the officer’s point of view. He boards, asks a flight attendant what they’re looking to do, and then approaches the woman who won’t wear a mask. She appears intoxicated to me. She says she’s going to comply and then… doesn’t.

She feels she needs to speak, and that she’s ‘going to get arrested anyway so why not?’ she figures. Then she debates whether it’s appropriate for the officer to place his hands on her since she’s a human. And she declares what’s happening “is not healing.”

Then she tries to broker a deal. The officer had said if she doesn’t get off the plane voluntarily she’d be arrested, therefore she says:

  • If she gets off the plane she won’t be arrested, based on his statement
  • “So you as a cop should have to honor that” (Police are, however, permitted to lie to you)

She’s taken by the arm and walked off the plane, then handcuffed on the jet bridge. They walk her out into the terminal and down to the apron where a police vehicle was waiting. Inside the police cruiser she talks to herself about her life situation.

Back at the station she threatens everyone because her mom is a social worker.

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  1. I wonder how many incidents like this are alcohol, drugs, mental illness (or combination of the three) related.


  3. They should play that film on a loop in every boarding area. People might think twice about following flight crew instructions.

  4. Love how they are removing someone from the flight but as walking down the isle there is a dude who is clearly not wearing his mask at all 1:10-1:13. Is this as much about being intoxicated as mask wear?

  5. @JT Regardless of mask wearing or not wearing, she should not be in a sealed metal tube at 30K feet with 100+ other people for any length of time. This is trouble waiting to happen. Again, may be mental illness, may be mental illness aggravated/facilitated by drugs, may just be too many beers before the flight. But she needed to be removed from the plane.

  6. I do not like to wear a mask. However, one of the rules for being an airplane passenger requires the wearing of a mask. So, I comply without any complaint.

    Watching the video of the incident, it is clear that the woman brought the entire arrest incident on herself.

    Based on her loud and rambling words and continuing refusal to wear a mask or leave the airplane, she appears to have a mental issue or was influenced by some drug.

    The only unfair part of the incident is that a planeload of passengers was delayed because of one uncooperative passenger. Totally unfair to the delayed passengers.

  7. The patience and professionalism displayed by the police officers is remarkable and a tribute to their supervisors and training. Kudos to the officers !

  8. She did not belong on the plane… but she certainly did not belong arrested..how sad. She needs help and jail will not solve her issues.

  9. Kudos to the officers involved. AMAZING restraint. And YES SHE DESERVED TO BE ARRESTED. The airline has rules. She broke the rules DEFIANTLY. She RESISTED the officer’s request to comply with the wishes of the flight crew. Legally that ALONE warrants an immediate arrest. So to say she certainly did NOT belong arrested?…an unbelievable level of naiveté. She’s guilty AT EVERY STEP OF THIS ENTIRE SITUATION. Not ONE SINGLE TIME did she comply until the very end when the officers…and the airline…had had enough. No matter what her state of mind, the officers nor anyone ELSE would be able to know at that point in time. Drunk? Mental illness? Drugged out? Who knows?! The main point here…the ONLY point here..is GET OFF THE PLANE when the flight crew asks you to get off. THAT’S THEIR RIGHT TO DO SO. You refuse? Police are called. Next…get off the plane when the police officers ask you to get off. You refuse? (up against the wall and hands behind your back). This isn’t rocket telemetry. If a cop pulls you over on the road and asks for license and reggie, and you refuse…..what would you expect the officers’ next decision to be? Exactly. This is no different.

  10. She deserves arrest, jail, all of that. There needs to be a deterrent to being stupid. Good thing her mom is a social worker, that’ll get her far.

    This idiot deserves everything bad that comes her way.

  11. Be nice to know what city this was in and what airline since we now have the key code to the jet bridge.
    I’m guessing Florida…..

  12. This is disgusting. The situation could have been de-escalated at many points. This is an individual in need of help not jail.

  13. @DLF
    You claim this situation could have been de-escalated at many points…but without specific points. The police officer gave her multiple opportunities to cooperate but she would not give an inch. Yes, you might be correct that she needs help, but the officer, and indeed the entire police department is not the source of that help. Their role, which they discharged with great tact and patience, was to remove her from the aircraft because she was obviously unstable and potentially a threat to the safe operation of the flight. Once in custody help could be directed. We don’t know what happened after she was arrested. To call this entire incident “disgusting” shows a total disregard for reality.

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