Police Confront DFW Airport Karen After Vodka Tonic-Fueled Drunken Rampage

A woman trying to fly from Dallas – Fort Worth on American Airlines was barred from boarding because she appeared drunk after a couple of vodka tonics. She assaulted the gate agents. And she wasn’t even a leisure traveler – she was on a business trip with a colleague. And she even admitted to throwing back the drinks.

The incident unfolded at DFW airport’s gate C39. After the gate agents denied her, she ‘appealed’ to the captain who – unsurprisingly – was unswayed. That’s when she proceeded to attack three gate agents using her cellphone as an improvised weapon.

Police were alerted and they detained her as she attempted to flee the area. She was then handcuffed and seated in the gate vicinity while officers conducted interviews.

The gate agents recounted the assault in detail to the authorities. After they said they wanted to press charges, more drama ensued. The passenger alternated between contrition and resistance. Despite initially appearing remorseful, she fiercely opposed her arrest, leading to a physical altercation with law enforcement officers that resulted in her being subdued and placed on the ground.

This entire episode was captured on police body cameras. The footage has been made public. The woman involved in this incident remains unnamed, with the footage surfacing online months after the occurrence.

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  1. @ Gary — All caught on camera? Where’s the initial assault? Good luck getting a conviction on that. The police are jerks.

  2. She tells the police “I’m American Executive Platinum… person” at the 20!15″ mark.

    That might be a little late to be playing the DYKWIA card.

  3. Her actions were atrocious. Notwithstanding the only slur people feel comfortable using is both racist and demeaning. While “karen” has seemingly morphed from a white woman who stands up for themselves to one that behaves very poorly, it is still a racist (reference to white) women (a protected class). For all those tempted to shoot off their mouth that it isn’t racist, try calling a black woman this. If you survive, report back. For the rest who want to defend this usage, remember that the class you choose to consider less than fully human includes your mother.

  4. Not sure this meets the definition of “Karen.” Just because one is drunk and rude, does not make one a “Karen.” It makes one a rude, obnoxious, drunk who should not be allowed to fly. But not necessarily a “Karen.”

  5. I find it amusing that someone was offended by the term “Karen.” It has no connection to ones’s race whatsoever, just to rude, obnoxious and socially unacceptable behavior. Full stop.

  6. Magnificent. She is a southern white woman so she will post a video saying that her god has forgiven her and she prays for forgiveness for AA for mistreating her and she’ll become a Fox News contributor

  7. Please don’t offend the Karen’s of the world by comparing this woman who is complete gutter trash

  8. Would hate to witness a similar scenario when I’m traveling through DFW in a couple of weeks.
    Other lookalike observations: a blonde version of AZ’s Kari Lake, Eurythmic Annie Lennox, one of the (Dixie) Chicks on Ozempic.

  9. Lol @ the dude who thinks the term “Karen” isn’t racist. It’s always been explicitly used to refer to white middle-aged suburban women who give other people grief for overly technical reasons, like calling the cops on people having a gathering for BBQ in a public park. Things like that.

    But, yes, the term is racist. Yes, it is exclusively used to refer to white female suburbanites. No, it doesn’t bother me when people use it. But, let’s just be honest with ourselves here.

  10. i’m shocked gary hasn’t been “asked” to pull this article

    videos like this of the triple-protected who work for Highly Visible organizations don’t last long on the tube

    @caelus a quick doxing confirms the woman in the video is 3 years younger than pink

  11. @float

    the use of the phrase “white karen” by the gate staff, in reference to the protagonist, reveals their fit for purpose, and in this upside down world we live in, will trigger all of the usual suspects

  12. @Float2kegs….Yes, the term Karen initially symbolized middle-aged blondes, often with a ponytail protruding from a baseball cap, and sometimes walking a small dog in a supermarket, but it applies to any woman who starts to pontiicate her interpretation of civility and laws.
    A couple of African-American ladies who seem to exemplify this type of person would be thespians with the initials SLR and TPH.
    The male equivalent has been named Kenneth.

  13. I’ve seen plenty of black (and brown and asian) “Karen’s.” The term isn’t racist at all.

  14. For those who claim Karen is racist, go away, only your fellow mouth-breathers are buying what you’re selling.

  15. My first flight was on BOAC in 1971. I have never once seen an “unruly” passenger. I’ve watched a few on-board deaths, many spousal altercations, and hundreds of friendly drunks. Passengers like this lady, appearing in the current genre of shame videos, seem more mentally ill than drunk, all exacerbated beyond their minuscule proportion by the internet. I’m still debating the ethics, but lean to not showing these. Nonetheless, welcome to DFW Terminal C circa 2024. And hysterical frequent flyer blogs.

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