Possible 1100 American AAdvantage Miles for a $1.01 Donation

The AAdvantage eShopping Mall offers 1100 miles for spending over $1 with the College Bound Institute.

  • Sign into your AAdvantage eShopping account (or create one), then pull up the offer.

  • Click through to the College Bound Institute’s website, and then at the top of the page click “Make Payment/Donation”

  • Then click ‘Donate’ on the bottom of the page. According to the details of the offer on the AAdvantage eShopping site, you need to spend more than $1.

  • Click on “Don’t have a PayPal account? Use your credit card or bank account (where available).“

    This way you can pay with a card registered with your AAdvantage eshopping account, in order to add another way in which points could post (update to clarify: as in-store transactions with a registered credit card can offer points). You can register cards under “My AAdvantage eshopping account” at the top right of the AAdvantage eShopping page, under “Manage Cards”.

I flag this as a ‘possible’ 1100 miles because you’re relying on the College Bound Institute to track the purchase and report it properly, and online mileage portal sites seem to be amongst the least likely to be honored when they wind up better than intended — a function of the sorts of companies involved in managing these affiliate marketing programs which also rebate much of their revenue to customers (it’s a high volume, low margin business).

(HT: Miles Momma)

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  1. I did this one week ago for $1, and I haven’t seen anything post in my transactions at the shopping portal. I may go back and do a $1.01 donation if anyone reports any successes. Anyone?

  2. Merry Christmas! I hardly think this is a gift from AA, though. I’m stil waiting for my AviancaTaca LifeMiles for the $1 donations to PetSmart pet rescue. Although I’m glad I helped save neglected kittens and puppies, I never got my miles…

  3. @Gary – txs for this one (& MilesMomma). I did a $1.01 one with my AA Visa so worst case when the statement comes I can call Citi and see if they will offer to make up the missing points if they do not post.
    @MileValue – Catera C will not act for 4-8 weeks after a transaction. Then you can email and see what they do. Screen prints and PDF’s of receipts are good!

  4. FYI – it says “In-Store” on the offer.
    “How to Earn
    Pay with your Citi® / AAdvantage® card or other registered credit or debit card when shopping with participating store locations.”

  5. @Brendan – I’ve clarified my advice to use a registered credit card as meant to be another way to track the spend and generate a reportable transaction. Thanks for pointing out that I was unclear.

  6. When I pull this up it only gives me the option to donate $412, $824 or to another foundation. No joy

  7. No luck. my credit card is already registered with pay-pal so i cannot use the payment option listed above. I have a new card to register through advantage shopping but it takes three days to register new card 🙁

  8. I did it, but I know it won’t work …. the payment was made via paypal, so I don’t think the store ever gets my credit card number, and thus can never credit me properly. (yes I used a credit card, and not traditional paypal .. but the transactions still processed via paypal.)

  9. @CDKing. You can go to your paypal account, delete the saved credit card, and do the transaction all over again. Make sure you use different email address then on your paypal account. It should work 🙂

  10. Did this a couple of weeks ago for $2. I think you have to go to a brick & mortar location. Worth the $4 risk I think. Still waiting though…

  11. I have not yet paid but i noticed that even though i am using an email address that is different from mu Paypal account and the CC i am using is not registered with Paypal it still says the the transaction will appears as ” Paypal – King Youth Foundation”. How is that possible? Should I just go ahead and pay

  12. I am AA Lifetime Gold, but I will never use AA Advantage shopping again. After months of battling with them last year trying to get my bonus miles, which never did post, despite their promises that they would, finally they just stopped answering my emails. This is no phone number to call, and AA itself just says the portal is a seperate business and AA has no power to do anything.

    On the other hand, the Hawaiian Air portal does a fine job of giving me miles for purchases from Amazon, which transfer to 2X HHonors points. And the United portal actually sends me emails around a week afer purchase, telling me how many United miles I’ve just earned.

    If AAdvantage Shopping offered 100K miles for a $2 purchase, I wouldn’t even bother, since you have a better chance of winning a State Lottery than getting too good to be true offers from them to actually post. Cheat me once, shame on you. Cheat me twice, shame on me.

  13. Would the miles needed to fulfill these transactions be purchased from AA by the non-profit? Maybe it’s just a Christmas thing for me, but to hope a charity organization is required to pay out far, far more than is being donated just seems, well,….

    Maybe I’m just misunderstanding the whole thing.

  14. I’m not aware of any College Board brick and mortar stores. To my knowledge, they only have regional offices.

  15. Gary, please correct your typo in the organization’s name. It is not the College Board (those are the folks that administer the SAT test). It’s the College Bound Institute. You got it right in the final graf, but it’s wrong in the lead sentence as well as the second bullet point.

  16. Take a flyer on it if you wish, but please don’t start running to the government and the courts to enforce an obvious mistake when your transaction is not honored, of which I’d say there’s a 99.9% chance of being the case.

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