Possible 15 Free Starbucks Stars

Via Dan’s Deals:

Login to your Starbucks account and …enter in the following codes will each give you 5 free stars:

You can only use 2 codes per day.  I used 2 of these last night and the 10 stars are already in my account.  They say the stars can take up to 24 hours to post.  I entered in the 3rd code today and expect to see those stars by tomorrow.

Enter the codes here once you’re logged in.

This is not working for me, so your mileage may vary. However, since Dan posted this and he’s really quite reliable, I pass it along in case the problems are specific to me or my account.

In case this does work for you, 15 Stars is halfway to ‘Gold’ status, which doesn’t get you much:

But it’ll get a Gold member a free drink. I already have Gold status, knowing that they don’t award a credit (“Star”) based on the number of items you purchase. Instead they award a credit — towards achieving status, retaining status, and getting your next free drink — for each swipe of the card.

So if you’re buying two drinks, pay for them ‘separately’ with the same Starbucks card. Three drinks? Pay with three separate swipes. You’ll earn free drinks faster.

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  1. I’m a green level I got 11 stars I’m trying to get gold but it’s a lot harder I like the dunkin donuts app every dollar u spend u get 5 points when u reach 200 points u get a free beverage any size of your choice so pretty much u buy a med ice coffee an a one sandwich a week an u get 200 points or they have options say come in store 3 times this week u get 30 points Starbucks needs to do a point progress like that but none of these codes worked for me

  2. Maybe you could have new code for starbucks since your website come first when you search starbucks stars codes

  3. Everyone complaining that the codes didnt work. Shut the hell up! 1: this post is old 2: how are you upset over something you didnt work for? 3: how is a code not working a scam?! I cant. 4: you people are freeloading morons

  4. To these idiots who just loves yelling at other with bad words,
    People do try to get the best deal, even if its 100 years old, Its called hope. If You idiots dont understand and cant be nice then its better to keep your word to yourself & pls dont spread your disease, already there is enough going on in world.

  5. The codes didn’t work for me. This is soooo upsetting! Foreigners having been scamming us True amerikans for too long online.

  6. These are no scams. The only reason they’re not working is because each card can only be used once. Once the code is used it cannot be used again

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