Possible Explosion At Cancun Airport Leads To Chaos Monday Morning

Cancun, recently the site of resort shootings, had chaos break out at its airport on Monday morning. What may have been an explosion in the baggage claim area was interpreted as an active shooter. Terminal 3 at the airport shut down, and passengers went running, as armed officers stormed into the building.

Reports claim the terminal has been partially evacuated and that firefighters are on the scene. Some witnesses described a gunfire type sound, while others reported a loud “explosion”.

The state of Quintana Roo and government of Mexico have a strong desire to project an image of safety for Cancun and the surrounding region, since it’s heavily reliant on tourism. Armed forces have deployed to beaches to deter violence by competing drug gangs. While it’s too early to say whether today’s incident at the Cancun airport was in any way related, additional chaos seemingly involving risk of bodily injury doesn’t support the government’s efforts of projecting stability.

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  1. @David Miller
    If shootings bother you, then you must not like being in the USA. Aside from the resort areas, Mexico is a beautiful place to visit, especially Mexico City.

  2. Well, at least they were masked up! Cozumel or Isla Mujures are still safe I think. Cancun is an overrated tourist trap compared to other really relaxing spots in Quintana Roo.

  3. @themaskedposter would have you think there is no crime in Mexico. While I think I still enjoy visiting Mexico don’t fool yourself into thinking it’s safer than the USA. The murder rate is way up in the last few years and 6 times higher than in the USA. It’s not as high as Jamaica, Honduras, or El Salvador but still very high on average. The violence has increased in tourist areas at an alarming rate.

  4. After a final night at Senor Frogs followed by excessesive amounts of shitty Mexican street food from questionable vendors, I have on numerous occasions experienced explosions (of my ass) at that airport.

  5. Chris – what makes you think it is alright to post this? You are not funny, just disgusting. Shut your ignorant, filthy mouth and grow up.

  6. None of this is targeted at tourism. Local folks use the airport & beaches. Fear & risk are exclusive.

  7. There was a shootout between gangsters at the Vancouver BC airport, so such violence isn’t limited to just Mexico

  8. BC- this posting has nothing to do with Vancouver – we are talking about Mexico. Try to stay on topic and refrain from posting uncalled for nonsense.

  9. Had spent most of the last year trying to find good rates to take the whole family down to Xcaret, but the covid deals are gone. With every new shooting I eagerly hope the tourists will get scared away and prices will drop again, but no avail. It’s almost like free advertising.

  10. David Miller – You completely missed the point that such incidents can happen anywhere.

    So I’ll repeat my statement since you didn’t comprehend it the first time:

    There was a shootout between gangsters at the Vancouver BC airport, so such violence isn’t limited to just Mexico.

    But keep away from Mexico if you’re that scared.

  11. BC- I lived on the southern border for 16 years and each and every year there were more murders there than the year before. I value my life and have enough sense to not put myself in a place where I could lose my life. You, on the other hand do not grasp the current southern border situation and “think” that what happened in Vancouver compares to the everyday events that happen on the southern border and in Mexico proper. So go ahead and visit Mexico if you wish , what you choose to do with your life is your business. Intelligent people will take heed of what I say, others will deal with the consequences of their choice. By the way, being “sacred” is your take – my take is to avoid situations that may cost me my life.

  12. It may be safer than the USA since they happily let ten’s of thousands cross our southern border.

  13. joanie – “happily”??? No one on the American side of the border is happy about the illegal alien invasion – this invasion is directly brain dead Biden’s and the corrupt DemocRats fault.

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