Should All PreCheck Passengers Have to Go Through Nude-o-Scopes? And The Happiest Upgraders Ever

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  1. Talking about Precheck, but I wonder if IG reports would show it true of the entire TSA in the airport context:

    “It’s a security hologram — it looks plausible, it’s pleasing to the eye, but its protective value is illusory.”

  2. Kip Hawley is an Idiot.

    And I’m sure he’s invested in Nude-o-Scopes somehow & will make money if further instituted.

  3. @”Gary” – What clickbait? The title is descriptive of articles included, and the snippet displayed on the front page of the blog, accompanying emails, and with the RSS feed shows that it’s a compilation of links. If you were tricked then you must not be very smart?

  4. On the nude-o-scopes… when air crew go through them, I will believe the radiation risk is minimal. Since I fly more than most aircrew, it is a matter of concern

  5. B737-900s are, IMHO, the *worst* plane in the domestic US airspace. Minimal lavs, open to all on Delta (so much for a reserved lav, look forward to queues of 4+ spilling out into First despite there being 3 lavs in back). On Delta, cramped space in First too. The *single* reason I have gone back to American. Despite their inadequacies, at least once you are on board, you are comfortable.
    DL: Diamond 3x this year
    AA: Exec Plat 1.5X this year

  6. So-called nude-o-scopes (isn’t it wonderful when anyone with a blog becomes a scientist?) are totally passive devices that measure any thermal energy reflected from your body in the millimeter-wave band. The person being scanned is not subjected to any kind of “radiation” from the scanner.

  7. TSA no longer uses the backscatter machines at airports, those may have had exposure risk from radiation but were never properly tested one way or another. The current millimeter wave machines shouldn’t have this risk.

  8. “Smaller Bathrooms on Planes Pose Challenges for Passengers”: recently completed three JAL mileage runs KIX-LAX to get platinum on AA. JAL flight attendants are so kind and helpful and always want to immediately steer you into the nearest empty bathroom, which usually is the tiniest on the B-787. Literally there isn’t even room to turn around in the two tiny starboard-side bathrooms. I got used to apologetically saying: “Sorry I am a big tall foreign guy, I need to use the big bathroom over on the other side.” Their port side loo actually has a sitting bench next to the toilet. 😀

  9. I have most of the episodes of Son of the Beach on CDs from video card captures. Poor quality but the humor comes through.

  10. I’m TSA pre check and I don’t mind the nudeoscopes. As long as the line moves fast, who cares. Just don’t make me take stuff out, shoes off, etc.

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