President Trump’s Ex-Campaign Manager: Credit Card Rewards Hound

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  1. Another reason to dump the Amex Platinum — it no longer grants the holder an annual get-of-jail-free credit.

  2. Let’s face it, if Paul Manafort declined Trump’s offer to be campaign manager, he would still be a rich dude hanging around with all the other rich former consultants of the Ukraine who are friends of Hillary or Biden or the chosen one. I am willing to bet Manafort wishes he had turned down the Trump’s offer.

    I am sure this post will bring out many TDS bedbugs (reference that the New York Times has a bedbug infestation, google it). I cannot be bothered to argue with you. It is a really nice day in New York, and I am going on a long walk. Have a nice day. Feel good because the MTA and Mayor De Blasio are looking out for your well-being.

  3. The Atlanta airport has been corrupt at least as long as I have lived here and that is 40+ years. Maybe the city ought to cut back on the bribes that have to be paid before you even get the right to sell there.

  4. @OJS, Trump Derangement Syndrome is a mass hysteria condition affecting people who are incapable of recognizing the lies, incompetency, corruption, ignorance, inability to protect our elections from foreign interference, etc., all stemming from an out-of-control severe neurotic personality disorder on daily display by the pathetic current occupant of the White House. But the King of Debt has the deficit-juiced economy doing well (at least until it isn’t). So all’s good in TDS land.

  5. @John. Clever, but you know what I mean.

    In any case, you think you are free to make up your mind about who to support. Just try this for a week. Put it out that you have had an epiphany watching the walk away group (a group of former lefties that now support Trump, started by a gay guy google{walk away group Brandon Straka}). See what happens. You will be pounded so bad, you will have to run back to CNN side. Of course, never again will you feel fully free. But as they used to say during the Vietnam war period, “Better red than dead”.

  6. @OJS. It is your right to support Trump as it is my right to oppose him. But I wish those who support him would take off the blinders long enough to comprehend the range of dangers Trump and his policies pose for America. One batsh_t crazy recent example, criticizing Fox News “Sharpie Gate” coverage of his false hurricane tweets because it wasn’t being loyal enough to HIM. Is Trump creating a new standard for presidential conduct? Lord knows what Trump would subject us to if he wins in 2020 and need not worry about running for re-election.

  7. @John. You have not actually mentioned a policy. Pick one, focus that one, and lets discuss. I may even agree with you.

    But I cannot argue with a slime job. Every word from the press is a sneer. Anyone should be able to pick up the bias. WTH: Remove the opinions, analysis, adjectives, the emotional crap, most news stories are 95% devoid of facts. Journalism has really gone down hill.

    The hurricane tweets, seriously, whatever floats your boat. Even if Trump was wrong, who cares. Yet, all the networks care. I have been trying to ignore it, but it is impossible. Every Presidential candidate has been ranting on it. I have read that he tweeted from national weather charts that he received in Presidential briefings. Unless his people are moles trying to sabotage Trump, I am guessing that the Presidential briefings are accurate. How much time are you spending on this story? Don’t you have something better to do?

    There is real news everywhere. Hong Kong for example. Seriously, I would rather read about gardening than the newest and greatest Trump slime job every day. What the hell, I just wasted time writing about it. More fool me.

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