Prince William Spotted Carrying His Family’s Luggage in Coach

Though Prince Harry and Megan Markle came under fire recently for flying private they’re also known to fly commercial, and even flew coach for a New Year’s getaway. Sitting in the very back of an aircraft may be the best position where there are security concerns.

Prince Harry is also known to fly British Airways intra-European business class which is like flying coach. His grandfather Prince Philip, however, once remarked that air travel can be quite nice “provided you don’t travel in something called economy class, which sounds ghastly.”

British Airways Club Europe

Prince William and Kate Middleton are quite the buzz right now though for their coach travels.

Thursday morning the pair took their kids on FlyBe’s 8:45 a.m. flight from Norwich to Aberdeen to visit the family’s Balmoral estate on $89 fares. Naturally though they were escorted off the aircraft in Aberdeen straight to a waiting vehicle on the tarmac, though Prince William did carry the family’s hand baggage.

Prince William of course has flown Ryanair when it’s been more convenient than BA. He also flew American Airlines coach and back in 2014 took the US Airways Shuttle.

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  1. I get so tired of hearing EVERY DAMN DAY about these inbred, carbon-spewing halfwits.

  2. This is Fake News, I can’t believe you published this. FlyBe ran an empty jet specifically to give the “appearance” they were flying public coach! Jesus, do you homework and don’t perpetuate this myth!!

    “Unbeknownst to the royals, an Embraer 145 jet was ordered from Eastern Airways’s Humberside HQ to Norwich, where the royals were flying from, according to the Daily Mail.

    Kate, Will and their kids then got on this plane rather than the smaller Loganair plane initially intended to make the trip.

    Flight logs show that the plane flew 123 miles down to Norfolk early on Thursday morning, with its identification number EZE041P reportedly indicating it was empty.

    The Cambridges slipped onto the plane at the last minute, rather than the smaller Logan Air aircraft earmarked to make the flight up to Aberdeen.”

  3. Stay distracted, all of you!!

    The rest of us have things to do, and DON’T get any brain rot on the carpet!.

  4. Pete, instead of quoting the meaningless phrase “fake news” you should try reading. They weren’t on an empty plane: the allegation is that FlyBe diverted a plane (with prominent FlyBe branding) off its usual schedule to be used for this service so as to get media photos with their name in them. The “empty” part is that it had to fly one leg of the journey empty in order to be used for the royal flight that had plenty of passengers on it. Needless to say the company denies any wasteful tactic and says it was normal logistical considerations.

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