Priority Pass Doesn’t Come Automatically With Chase Sapphire Reserve, Here’s How to Get It

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Priority Pass Prestige memberships come with unlimited visits and usually retail for $399. They do not come with free guests.

The Priority Pass Select card that comes with Chase Sapphire Reserve includes unlimited guests (subject to limits imposed by any individual lounge) so is ‘worth’ even more than that.

But the Priority Pass benefit doesn’t get triggered automatically when you get a Sapphire Reserve Card.

Priority Pass provides access to over 900 airport lounges, including more than 40 in the U.S..

KLM Lounge, Houston

In order to get your Priority Pass Select, here’s what you have to do.

Log into the Chase website, and where you see your card account select ‘Go To Ultimate Rewards’.

From there, choose ‘Use Points’ and at the bottom of that menu choose ‘Card Benefits’.

That will pull up a page promoting 3 of your benefits.

Just choose ‘Activate’ on the Priority Pass Select benefit.

Chase will then send you your Priority Pass in about a week, although they promise it within three weeks.

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  1. It’s all pretty efficient. I think I received my cards about a week after I clicked on the activate button

  2. It’s a great perk for the card fee. I get PP with AMEX PLT but it only covers me and not my wife, this is especially distasteful when traveling overseas. I remember the Kilimanjaro airport’s club was the only air conditioned place in the entire passenger area, that was worth the extra fee,

    Back on point this is yet another reason to keep the card, in fact I am not going to renew my AS Boardroom membership

  3. I went to the site shortly after I got the card and it said that my Priority Pass was already activated. I’m hoping I get the card before I leave on my next trip in two weeks.

  4. I had to click to activate to get my card. I am hoping it arrived before my vacation! Thank you for posting this very helpful information!!!

  5. I received my card today and had to activate it. Thanks very much for the info since I couldn’t find it on their web site.

  6. Had card for a while now and am at Terminal 1 at JFK. Sign on door of Air France lounge says they do not accept
    Priority Pass members due to a lack of space.
    Worthless card if it can not be used.

  7. Id like to know if, when I use my Chase Sapphire Reserve Card to purchase an airline ticket, must the airline of the lounge honoring the Prioriiy Pass privilege be of that same airline?

  8. I’ve used it several times and that has never been an issue. You just need to look on the Priority Pass website to see which lounge(s) in the airport take the card, and then go there and show your card and boarding pass. The airline being used has not been a concern.

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