Racist ‘Burger King’ Banned From JetBlue Last Week Gets Kicked Off American Airlines Too

Last week a passenger in a Burger King crown got booted off a JetBlue flight to New York JFK – and banned from the airline – after a racist rant prior to departure from Kingston, Jamaica. It all began when there wasn’t overhead bin space available for him to use.

The man tried to get up in the air again to head back to the States. This time he attempted to fly American Airlines. Even though American’s new coach product features seats with less padding, less leg room, and no seat back TVs they have bigger overhead bins that can accommodate a bag from each customer. You’d think that might prevent things from deteriorating. But, no… And yes he’s still wearing that crown.

He was kicked off his American flight after using a taboo epithet commonly used to refer to African Americans. His defenses,

  • He was talking to himself rather than directing it at the black passengers around him

  • “It’s called freedom of speech” but that only restricts government limitations on speech (and there are exceptions, such as for ‘fighting words’ though it’s unlikely this would qualify)

He then insists that surrounding passengers not “swing your Covid all over me.”

The man was banned from JetBlue trying to leave Jamaica. He got kicked off an American flight on his next attempt to depart Jamaica. There aren’t that many airlines left. At some point could he have no options left but to swim?

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  1. If he were a wealthy man, he could charter a private plane to go back and never worry about other passengers “swing Covid all over him”. However, from the photo, it probably would take him the next… 749 lifetimes to save enough to be at that level.

  2. “He was kicked off his American flight after using a taboo epithet commonly used to refer to African Americans”

    Is this a joke? It’s used commonly? Where the hell do hear it commonly (as an epithet, used by a non-black person). And “African Americans?”. I didn’t realize it didn’t have the same effect on black folks that weren’t American (likely the Jamaicans that were on this particular flight).

  3. In the JetBlue video he said he’s some percentage African ancestry himself, so he’s allowed to say the n word. I think it is, minimally, in interesting argument considering that it’s not considered racist when Africans use the word. Of course that exemption only applies when no hard “r” is used, so we’d need to hear how this guy pronounced it.

  4. @ Colin In the interest of social science, I suggest you fly down to Jamaica and use that particular word with everyone you meet. Then report back whether anyone found it offensive.

  5. He should get banned from Burger King too. He’s not doing them any favors wearing that paper crown.

  6. Think it’s fair to say a not insignificant amount of Trump sycophants use the word regularly, yes

  7. As if flying isn’t stressful enough. I’m continuously amazed at some of the people who buy a ticket. Thanks for the heads up with American contributing to the joys of flying. I had no idea they reduced seating capacity as well as any form of comfort.

  8. Maybe on the next flight he will wait until airborn and they can throw him out a window. Gotta wonder why a guy like him would fly of all places to Jamaica.

  9. He obviously has a serious psychological problem. If a Tourette’s syndrome suffer has a right to fly as a “reasonable accommodation” of a “disability” under ADA, perhaps he could make a similar argument?? Or maybe he needs to find a person to fly with so he can board as an emotional support animal?

  10. @UA-NYC
    Just had to make a political jab didn’t you ? Talk about name calling you liberals are masters at it with Nazis, White supremacists , sycophants etc. Can’t make a logical argument so you resort to second grade behaviour.

  11. I want to be called Northern European American, but don,t let me hear you say cracker or whitey, fool!

  12. @DENIS A BEKAERT : UA-NYC was not taking a political jab. UA-NYC was just stating a fact like water is wet, the sun rises in the east, Trump is an out-and-out racist. All are undisputed facts.

  13. Thank you Gary for reminding readers and commenters that freedom of speech != freedom from consequences…

  14. @Willam Peterson
    Thank you for proving my point. Anyone that does not agree with many liberals viewpoints are labeled. A democracy means we can each have our own opinions without denigrating others.

  15. “He was kicked off his American flight after using a taboo epithet commonly used to refer to African Americans.”

    Or maybe:

    “He was kicked off his American flight after using a taboo epithet commonly used by African Americans to refer to other African Americans.”

    Why do we only see 30 second parts of the video. Just wondering.

    By the way, it is free speech. Probably not the smartest thing to do but free speech nonetheless.

  16. Pretty obvious that psychiatric issues were central to this. In that case it’s better to ignore any comments. The guy leads a sad existence, not least reflected in the hat.

  17. It’s surely a sign of something out of whack when a person cannot engage on any issue without bringing Trump into it. Get a grip and broaden your horizons.

  18. The Burger King crown is likely a subtle metaphor. “Bürgerkrieg” is Deutsch for “civil war”.

  19. @William Peterson
    Why would a racist give 500 billion USD to people he supposedly hates, and how could any racist support him for doing so? You’re delusional.

  20. @William Peterson

    “water is wet, the sun rises in the east, Trump is an out-and-out racist. All are undisputed facts.”

    Okay, and-?
    Is that supposed to make me not support him? You say “racist” like it’s a bad thing.

  21. We have to remember he is in Jamaica not the United states. His freedom of speech was left after the plane crossed the USA border. He is in jamaican hands.i hate these Americans they make the true ones look so bad.i hope he has funi a jamaican jail.try telling your celly you’re part black and you can say that word hard “r” or not.idiot posters Lars.no one should use that word and saying you’re part black isn’t an excuse.there is also a big difference between mental and drunk
    I bet he is truly but hurt after jail.lol

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