Racist Burger King Flew American Airlines Again

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  1. I thought racist burger king man was on JetBlue back in Oct? He needs to be banned from all airlines.

  2. @Jake – he was kicked off JetBlue and banned. Then he got on American but pulled the same stunt… Both were back in October.

  3. The European travel ban is so absurd now that it detracts from whatever credibility U.S. policy makers may still be clinging to. Allow them in with negative PCR tests or vaccine records already.

  4. Maybe, just maybe, American should ban racist dude. Forgetting for a moment that it’s the lowest hanging fruit on the right thing to do spectrum, from a practical standpoint no possible good could come of letting him on their planes.

  5. Airlines shouldn’t be able to ban anyone for constitutionally protected speech. Airlines are government regulated and are therefore extensions of the government. Air travel is a civil right. People should not be disenfranchised because what they say is politically incorrect. Of course weak Republicans will just write strongly worded letters instead of take and encourage physical action to fight for civil rights of whites/ Christians/conservatives/non lgbt

  6. Private companies have a right to regulate customer attire, speech and other forms of expression at their places of business. That includes a right to ban people from their property when those people engage in the use of so-called “fighting words” or otherwise create a dangerous work environment.

  7. If you’re banned from a casino, so be it.
    If you’re banned from an airline, you are disenfranchised. Maybe you were fine 3 decades ago when there were dozens of airlines, pre-consolidation era.

    I rarely agree with @Jackson Waterson because he is a neo KKK racist twat. However, hiding behind the “private company” designation of airlines is poopy anus fart coochie nonsense.

  8. Damn. @P Ness has come out swinging!! Anybody who does not find humor in that sophomoric coda … man, they grew up to be a phuckin curmudgeon, what a shame.

  9. so when you hear someone say an inappropriate word tell them that it makes you feel uncomfortable

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